My CrackBerry Blues
Swiftboating, viral videos and other campaign killers

Now there are two

John Edwards withdrew from the Democratic race for the White House. He was pretty much the odd man out anyway and his showing in his home state of South Carolina was indicative of the need to pull the plug on his campaign. Could he be back as a candidate for vice president? It's entirely possible.

With John Edwards stepping out of the Democratic race for the presidency of the United States, what of the voters that he has siphoned away from either Clinton or Obama? Super Tuesday will definitely be super.

The next Democratic nominee for President of the United States of America will be a Black man or a woman. Notwithstanding the historical and cultural significance of that, we would be wise to remember that regardless of who is next to occupy the Oval Office inherits an economy that is almost in the toilet; military conflict of which we need to withdraw from and not appear weak; an education system that continues to leave too many children behind and an environment in which resources are depleted far more than replenished.

Quite frankly, all of the Republican candidates frighten me way more than W. McCain is frightening than the others and is rumored to have Florida governor Charlie Crist under consideration as his running mate. If that happens, Crist's charisma will surely win voters for the Republicans.

Tonight's debate from California should be interesting with only two major Democrat candidates. Which one will become the nominee and which one is a better match-up against the Republican nominee? I don't know how we keep the energy until November but please watch tonight and let me know what you think.