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White House for Sale

Hillary Clinton and John McCain kicked butt in New Hampshire. Bill Richardson has dropped out and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg may be jumping in the presidential campaign. This election is shaping up to be quite exciting and hopefully it won't become a circus or soap opera. Surely, whoever is elected will be an improvement but is anyone in this crop of presidential candidates actually the best person for the job?

Have you seen the amount of money required to run an effective presidential campaign? It's downright sinful. As of October 16, almost $420 million was reported as received by the presidential candidates. Click here for amounts raised by Democrats and Republicans. When so many people are in need in this country, there's definitely something wrong with that amount of money raised for an election.

How many intelligent, capable Americans are excluded from serving this country because they can't raise that kind of money? It's not just the presidential election; take a look at your local and state elections. There are decent, honest, capable people who are excellent leaders but if they can't raise the funds for a campaign, they're out of the game. No wonder there's so much corruption in government. Now is the time for some serious campaign finance reform.

This is one of my favorite scenes from the movie 'Bulworth'. It was made in 1998; not much has changed since then. There are other poignant scenes in the movie; you really must see it if you haven't already.

***WARNING: Explicit Language***