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Suze Orman is Gay and How that Affects Women and Money?

Those words were part of the headline from an article in today's AlterNet. The author of the article, Susie Bright, tied Orman's sexual preference to her financial strategy. It's an interesting perspective but not one I'm sure how I feel about it. There is truth in our socialization as women and how we make life decisions in general but to somehow equate femininity with not making the best personally-beneficial financial decisions angers me. At the same time, the reality that women tend to be more nurturing, subservient and sacrificial is also a sometimes painful reality.

Orman's coming out was mentioned in an interview with Deborah Solomon that's almost a year-old; boy, do I feel like a troglodyte. I'm glad that she freed herself. I still find it fascinating that some public figures are so successful in concealing their homosexuality. That can't be a pleasant way to live even if the is person wealthy.

It's 2008 and far more women are single either through divorce or have never been married. Many women, though single, are also mothers. We must get our financial act together ---including me. We've proven that we are experts at saving money, now we must take the next step in the personal finance arena and become masters of our own financial investments.

I disagree with some of the author's points and I don't care that Suze Orman is gay. She is on top of the personal finance game and making big money to boot. Through her presentation on Women and Money I've learned to value my time and talents and not give them away.

Thanks, Suze Orman!