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Barack Obama’s MLK Day Speech

The South Carolina Debate and Why Republicans Will Win the Presidency Again

Last night's debate between the Democratic presidential candidates in Myrtle Beach, SC was more akin to a boxing match than a debate. Were these the same people who debated a few months ago? At one point I wanted to change the channel. It was good TV but bad for the Dems and I'll get to that later.

Grading the candidates:

Last night's debate was very different from earlier meet-ups. The nastiness was more prevalent and I didn't care for it. Some folks think John Edwards won last night; I don't. Edwards gave one very good response basically chastising Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for squabbling. He also conveyed ways to address this country's economic issues and that was good also. Then he jumped in the fray and appeared to do a tag team with Hillary against Obama. Edwards will continue to vie for attention but he may not be long for this race if he doesn't win SC. The pandering to blacks because of MLK Day was annoying. Desperation: Not a good look.

Edwards:    B+

Barack Obama held his own. He has proven once again how much of a threat he is to the Clinton campaign and the Washington DC old guard. He was able to point out some of the Clinton dirty campaign tactics without actually calling them that. This is big-time politics so that's par for the course. Obama is obviously on the defensive and somewhat allowing Billary to control his campaign. Obama must remember to take the more parental, authoritative role when dealing with the Clintons. I did like the way he said he felt like he was running against Bill and Hillary.

Obama:        A-

Hello? Was last night Hillary's voice or someone else's? She was atrocious in her attack on Obama and interruptions when he spoke. Not a good look for Hillary. I don't trust her neither do I believe she is for the people. Obama used too much time responding to facts misrepresented by Billary; what's that about?

Contrary to reports by the mainstream media, Bill Clinton is losing major cool points with blacks. That statement is not based on a conversation in the beauty shop; it's based on conversations with several friends who were once Bill Clinton fans. Bill has been throwing out one-liners and zingers to denigrate Obama when they actually misrepresent the truth. I'd like to call them outright lies but they are pieces of the truth peppered with insinuation. Unfortunately, many blacks are buying into it. Not a good look, Bill; pull up.

Clinton:        B

Does the Democratic Party really want to win?

As the campaign heats up, it will be problematic and perhaps result in irreparable damage for the Democrats. The issues of race and gender along with questionable campaign tactics will further divide/diminish the power of Democrat voters, especially blacks. It's time to really assess the messages (direct and indirect) that the Clintons send.

First of all, Bill Clinton and old school black leaders would have black children believe they can never, ever become President of the United States of America. Didn't Bill refer to Obama's campaign as a 'fantasy'? When Bill Clinton makes that statement, doesn't he also say that white people in America are racists and will never support a black person regardless of how capable and qualified that black person is? The message can be dressed up and packaged in whatever manner works best for Hillary's campaign but that's clearly the message. Is Bill Clinton lying about the electability of a black as president or is he being truthful about white people?

The question that addressed Charles Rangel's support for Hillary Clinton further painted her as a Washington insider and not an agent for change. Atlanta mayor Shirley Franklin publicly dressed down Bill Clinton for his insulting, divisive remarks; a change is going to come for the Democratic Party and it may not be good. Divisiveness and misrepresentation: Not a good look.

This may be the year the Green Party can advance a candidate for Americans to realize real change in the United States; the Democrats are too fractured to make positive change in the country.