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There’s no crying in politics!

How gullible are American voters? That did not seem like genuine emotion but rather a sympathy move. This question came at the end of the roundtable session; what convenient timing. If this bit seems to garner votes for Clinton, I imagine we'd better prepare for her to cry a river.

As a woman, I'm ticked that she cried. Like it or not, a woman leader can't show that kind of emotion. You can show someone that you're sympathetic by handing someone a tissue but you can't be the one that needs a tissue. Women leaders, especially in a male-dominated environment, know that you wait until you're alone before you cry. Go to the ladies room…go in your office and close the door…whatever, just never let'em see you sweat. Yeah, yeah, it's a double standard and male candidates have cried but that's just the way it is.

There's no crying in business and politics is a business.