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The Illusion of Democracy or Are the Superdelegates Feeling Very Super?

Bad Place to be Today: In Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Office

Woo…woo…woo! Hillary Clinton must be a mad somebody this morning. What must she do to stop the Barack Obama train that has rolled over her several times lately? As has been mentioned in several spots on the internet and on television, Hillary's people didn't have a plan after Super Tuesday.

The Clinton campaign was so sure that Super Tuesday would be a wrap for them that they just fizzled the hell out. Overconfidence is a butt-kicker, huh? If they had any idea that this war with Barack Obama would have lasted such a long time surely they never would have spent so much money on the front end forcing Hillary to loan her campaign $5 million.

Anyhoo, let's pray that Obama doesn't get the big head and think that he's won because he hasn't. There are still more states to go. I do think that Texas will be a watershed moment for Billary. If she doesn't win Texas or Ohio, it may be time for her to cry again to get some sympathy votes.

Speaking of Billary, you know, in addition to her less than warm personality, their double-team presidential campaign took a major hit and has yet to recover from his disparaging remarks about Barack Obama and referring to Obama's campaign as a fantasy. Now, Bill (yes, his 'Brother' card has been officially revoked) has been around enough black people to know that with those comments there would be some repercussions. You know the Billary backlash is really bad when folks like former Virginia governor Doug Wilder come down on Bill. Ouch.

Oh yeah, I'd love to be a fly on the wall when the traditional (old guard) black political leadership is discussing how to get on the Obama train after they dissed him early on. "He should wait his turn…blah…blah…blah". That's funny and sad because they are ignoring the will of the people who put them in office but that's another story for another time.

This presidential campaign has been so very interesting. I'm still watching CNN more than Law & Order and HGTV. The media folks would love to see the Barack-Hillary war last well into the Democratic Convention. More drama, more money for them but I'm not hating; I just wish I'd paid more attention in Mr. Wittenberg's Civics class in high school.

Before I end this, let me not leave off the Republicans. Has Huckabee become a pain in McCain's side or what? McCain is way out in front as far as delegates are concerned but he will also be a much harder sell in the general election. That comment about staying in Iraq for 100 years will eventually cost him. I'm still trying to figure out who's voting for him anyway.

Did you watch his speech last night? Is it just me or were there too many elderly people in the background of that shot as he was speaking. While he was talking, and I can't tell you anything he said, I couldn't get that movie 'Cocoon' out of my head. And what is my governor, Charlie Crist doing with the McCain Campaign?

Well, let's stay tuned for the next stop on this train and this living, breathing social studies lesson.