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Barack Obama: We Are the Ones; Si, se puede.

From: illwilly

Barack Obama is not a savior but he is the candidate that can change this country for the better. Some say he doesn't have the experience to lead this country but I submit to you the fact that he is victorious over much more "experienced" candidates.

His campaign plan was long-term and he was not short-sighted in his approach to the road to the presidency of the United States. He is accused of just making great speeches and again I submit to you, look at the folks on his campaign team and look at the folks who are his supporters. It is a real rainbow coalition. A real United States.

The more "experienced" candidates will and have injected fear and racism in the race. Unforunately that tactic may sway some older Americans but young people have consistently shown their support for Barack Obama. Let's hope the other demographic groups continue to support him also.

One would think the more experienced candidates would not be threatened by the man viewed as an upstart. The fact is the Obama campaign is showing just how deficient the other candidates really are. Barack Obama has remained calm in spite of attacks by the othe candidates. He has not whined; he is running his race. He is winning.

The Republicans will continue their attacks on Obama but America doesn't waant another Republican president after the Bush debacle. The Obama Movement will continue.