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Barack Obama’s Speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention

This is the night I fell in love with Barack Obama. No, not the type of love that would disrespect my sister Michelle, but the kind of deep and abiding love and respect for someone that makes a tremendous difference in my life. There was a magic…a charisma in this man and it was not lost on me. I would speak of him at work the next day and I never forgot him and that speech. Yes, for me, it is held in the same high esteem as Martin Lither King's 'I Have a Dream' speech.

The essence of Senator Obama's message has not changed. His message is genuine. He embodies hope and the possibilities for all people. Our obvious differences in gender and ethnicity have separated us far too long in this country. Throw in religious and sexual preference differences and the divide broadens.

The negative impact of those differences are often perpetuated by the powers that be so they can still remain in power and keep too many Americans in the economic position of being the working poor. This madness must stop and it can begin with Barack Obama as President. America is not a perfect place. A Barack Obama presidency will not be a magic wand that eliminates the ills of society. We must start somewhere with someone who will represent all Americans. That person is Barack Obama.

From: OregonforObama

Senator Clinton recently tried to minimize the power of Obama's ability to reach the masses and downplayed his speaking ability. A great speech is a powerful thing. I'd like to think that Martin Luther King's 'I Have a Dream' speech was more than "just words". I'd also like to think that President John F. Kennedy's inaugural address was more than "just words". I could go on and on with famous speeches but I think you get my point.