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Democrats’ presidential election process not so democratic

David Shuster’s words inappropriate? Yes. Incident blown out of proportion? Yes.

Here is the video of The Tucker Carlson Show on which David Shuster was guest host and unfortunately uttered the words 'pimped out' and Chelsea Clinton in the same sentence.

Were his words inappropriate? I think so. Has the situation been blown out of proportion? Definitely.

Not only were Shuster's words inappropriate, it was clearly inappropriate word use to support the point he was trying to make. For the record, if he wanted to use urban slang, the more appropriate term was 'pimped' not 'pimped out'.

Had Shuster been on MTV or some other youth-oriented network his comment would not have raised an eyebrow. How he thought he could get away with that on MSNBC is baffling.

Shuster was suspended by his bosses at MSNBC. He reluctantly 'apologized' to the Clintons and viewers for his comments.

No matter the spin on this incident, one must also take note of the facts behind Shuster's statement:

  1. Chelsea has been used to campaign for her Mom. Is there something wrong with that? No. Is she then put in the campaign spotlight? Yes. We're not talking passing out flyers and remaining silent, we're talking making telephone calls to The View and the all important 'SuperDelegates'.
  2. Chelsea is not the same little kid in The White House when her Dad was president; she is now a 27 year-old woman. She's an adult.
  3. The Clinton Campaign has instituted a practice of not allowing the Press to talk to Chelsea and then practically attack any journalists who try to. Here's an excerpt of an e-mail exchange between Shuster and a Clinton campaign staffer.

    "It is a fact that chelsea has made calls to superdelegates, as your campaign colleagues have acknowledged. It is also a fact that the campaign has reacted quite harshly to any media who have sought to interview chelsea. That was the point. By slamming any reporter who seeks to chat with chelsea while simultaneously having chelsea do campaign tasks such as trying to convince super delegates to support her mom, that's the reference.

    Chelsea is polite and does a fine job of saying "I don't want to talk.". But for campaign staff to then jump down the throat of a reporter who seeks to talk to chelsea...that's an issue."

    They can't have it both ways. If they don't want her in the spotlight, then leave her in the background; it's just that simple.

Chelsea has always appeared to be such a sweet young lady. She's graduated from college and been a positive example of the transition from celebrity youth to celebrity adult. She and her parents should be proud of that. That being said, her body language during the campaign shows her to be uncomfortable with being in the spotlight and on the campaign trail. Does she support her Mom? Sure she does and who would expect any different?

I've often wondered about Chelsea during the impeachment proceedings of her Dad and the broadcast of the details of his past extramarital affairs and her Mom's alleged relationship with Vince Foster. Children don't ask to be brought into the world and parents, especially those with public careers, should always consider the impact of their actions on their family.

Hillary Clinton has threatened to pull out of the upcoming debate on MSNBC. To that I say, please do. Barack Obama would be better served by continuing to reach out to voters by stomping the campaign trail rather than engaging in debates. What more do Obama and Clinton have to say during a debate anyway?

As expected, the 'pimped out' hoopla pulled in Barack Obama in the discussion. There's been speculation as to how folks would react if the term had been used to describe Barack Obama's wife, Michelle.

Food for Thought: The term 'pimped out' was more of a slam against Hillary Clinton and her campaign rather than Chelsea. Just so you know.

And another thing, Hillary Clinton was so outraged and offended by David Shuster's words but has yet to distance herself from BET's Bob Johnson after he implied that Barack Obama had been a druggie. The Clinton Campaign can't have it both ways.