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Florida Legislator Pushes Bill for Confederate License Plate

There will be hell to pay in Florida if Rep. Don Brown, R-DeFuniak Springs, continues his fight for a specialty license tag in honor of the state's "confederate heritage". Yeah, that means the tag would proudly display the confederate flag.

To make matters worse, in spite of the pain that flag symbolizes you know what Florida Gov. Charlie Crist's response was when he was asked to weigh in on it?



Excuse me, Gov. Crist that was the wrong answer. What about denouncing the pain the symbol represents? What about concern for how the potential controversy would affect the state? 'Let's see if it goes anywhere' is an insult to blacks. Perhaps the governor has been campaigning with John McCain too long. What's that crashing sound in the background? That would be the governor's approval rating.

Sure, there are folks that won't let go of the Confederate past and couldn't care less about the effect of the flag on blacks or anyone else for that matter. This is one issue that will quietly not go away. The Republican Party will not want to be at center of this controversy and totally tank a GOP presidential candidate's opportunity to win in November but that's about to happen folks.

I have already begun to contact my family and friends throughout Florida to be prepared to fight this issue. The legislation is identified as HB 1007. The NAACP and other organizations will weigh-in and it could get ugly.

There's another perspective on this issue that says let them sell the flag so the racists can be easily identified. What do you think?