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Spreading the Love in 2008

Hillary Clinton can’t get out of her own way and the Barack Obama momentum continues

I don't know about you but last night's debate was mostly a snoozer for me. More of this before the Convention is really pointless unless you're Hillary Clinton and hope to trip up Barack Obama and reverse his momentum. So for all of you Hillary-lovers and Barack-haters ---that's not likely to happen. Clinton's time would be better used on the ground campaigning.

Although I've made no secret of my support for Obama I am objective and human enough to see the sadness in the direction of Clinton's campaign. It's not pretty, folks. Hillary Rodham Clinton should not be the President of the United States. She's not ready. I see her doing what far too many 'inexperienced' women leaders do --- she's trying too hard.

I know of what I speak because I've been there before. Early in my supervisory career, I felt that I had to 'prove myself' in a male-dominated office environment. Those males were usually significantly older and not black. It was on the job training for me so I got mentors. Some of the mentors and I would and still do have direct conversations; other folks were my mentors from afar.

I learned that I didn't have to prove I was smart I just needed to get the job accomplished --- thorough, accurate, efficient and expeditious. I learned when to use my feminine charm and I learned when and how to put folks in check too. Most of time it worked in my favor and on a few occasions I had to just play the hand I was dealt and ride out the consequences. I also learned that I didn't have to explain everything and try not to hurt someone's feelings. It was and still is a tightrope but I've learned to be myself and still play the game.

Game, that's the magic word. Many 'inexperienced women leaders women in Hillary's age group don't play team games well that's not how we're socialized. So when I see younger women who've not been so constrained and restrained as my generation, it makes me proud.

Way back during NH, Hillary would have been better served by assuming a presidential posture. The whining and tears may have garnered her votes from sympathizers when she showed her human side but it did little for those concerned about her strength as a leader. It's a sword women bear and we just have to deal with it.

The negative comments are definitely working against her. When the comments are about a non-issue her camp is trying to make significant it really serves to destroy the positive political legacy the Clintons have enjoyed thus far. It's really sad. The 'Xerox' comment surrounding the 'plagiarism' issue is so Hillary. That is the polarizing nature of her personality and she hasn't been able to successfully hide that. Her closing comment during the debate was great but it doesn't overshadow who she really is.

I won't go so far to say that Hillary should pack it in now because almost anything can happen. I do know that she should pull up and carry herself as if she is already president. The catty comments and negative ads really may not be the best way to garner votes during the latter part of this campaign. Unfortunately for her, the Barack Obama charisma has flipped the script on traditional campaigning this time. Note to Hillary: Negativity is not working; try something else.

On the real, it may be too late to preserve the possibility of a HRC presidency this time so she should at least go out with dignity.