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My Crackberry Blues, Part Deux

It was Tuesday but was it Super?

John McCain appears to be headed to be the next Republican nominee for President of the United States. Of course he is a great distance from the1,191 delegates needed but there's no overwhelming to upend the McCain train. Giving credit where it's due, Mike Huckabee's showing made a contender for the second half of the ticket although I'm keeping an eye on Florida governor Charlie Crist.

Mac is back but GOP voters think he's out of step with conservatives. Some Republicans would feel more comfortable with Mitt Romney as the nominee but Romney must decide how much longer he will continue to campaign.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both claimed victory. Clinton won the larger delegate states and Obama won 13 of the 22 states. The next few weeks will be very interesting for the Dems. Of course Obama gave a rousing, unifying speech and Hillary's speech started out Obama-esque but it just didn't work.

Hillary appeared to win because of Asians and whites 65 years-old and older. Obama captured votes of blacks and white males. The final count shows less than .4 % separated Clinton from Obama. The saga continues with primaries in Kansas, Washington, Nebraska and Louisiana on Saturday.


Regardless of the spin put on the results, Hillary's win in the larger states and Obama's victories in the larger number of states, this campaign will boil down to finances...benjamins...money. Hillary has raised more money than Barack in total but his people appear to be better strategists when it comes to raising and spending. Obama is really giving her pause for the cause; she is the one with better name recognition an ex-husband as a former president and 'experience'.

The money issue becomes more apparent when Hillary loaned her campaign $5 million and some of her staffers will forgo pay for awhile. The money issue may force Huckabee out and may keep Mitt Romney in. Campaigns shouldn't be so expensive but they are.

Stay tuned and follow the money train.