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Obama Tops Clinton in Debate ---Again

One of the signs of a true leader is that person's ability to handle difficult situations. The days since the Washington and Wisconsin primaries and Hawaii caucus have proven that Hillary Clinton is likely a good policy maker but she is not the best person to be President of these United States of America.

Without a doubt, Hillary Clinton is smart but that alone doesn't make one the best person to be president. Of course would be a great time to insert a comment about the lack of intelligence of our current president but won't go there.

Hillary does need to distinguish herself from Barack Obama. She needs to draw out comment from him that highlight his lack of experience and in turn demonstrate her superior knowledge of foreign policy. The problem with that is Hillary Rodham Clinton can't make that happen without making herself look catty.

She whined about campaign material mailed by Obama's campaign that was erroneous, whined about getting the first question all the time in their debates and made a catty comment about Obama and a Saturday Night Live skit. I didn't see the skit so I have no idea of what she speaks. That aside, Barack Obama did not react to the SNL comment and Hillary Clinton again appeared very un-presidential. Barack Obama also mentioned the negative and false mailers that the Clinton camp has sent and he has not whined about it. Ouch.

If anyone had an opportunity to whine it would be Barack. The Drudge Report accuses the Clinton camp of circulating the photo of Obama in traditional Kenyan garb. The photo is a weak attempt to associate Obama with Muslim terrorists. You know, his middle name is Hussein. If that's the best the Clinton camp can come up with they should pack it in now and go home.

The 16 minute debate about the differences in their health care plan was not worth the time. I mean really, she didn't want to let it go. The positions of these two candidates are too similar on most issues for Hillary Clinton to try to fight the way she does.

Speaking of fighting, Hillary's advisers should remind her how un-wise it is to fight with the press. At one point it appeared as though she wanted to smack Tim Russert --- not a good look.

Other non-issues popped up during the evening: Obama's endorsement by Louis Farrakhan and Clinton's I am Woman comment.

Last night's debate was not the slam-dunk that Hillary Clinton needs to slow down the Obama train. Again, the attack Obama strategy doesn't work; she should try something else. Giving credit where credit is due, Hillary Clinton is likely a better policy maker than she is presidential material.