Barack Obama: We Are the Ones; Si, se puede.
Prince Harry Goes Home

Of Flies and Fasting

I would love to be a fly on the wall during the Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign steering committee meetings. She must be too outdone that Barack Obama has her on the ropes…on the offense…and in a must-win situation on March 4th. I guess that goes to show how important experience is in this presidential race. Barack Obama is kicking her experienced butt, isn't he?

At this point the HRC camp will try fear…guilt…anything and I mean anything to win big states like TX, OH and PA. HRC has little to lose as the underdog candidate. Barack Obama has successfully rebuffed her attacks thus far and been unflappable at Republican attempts to discredit him also.

Starting Sunday morning I am starting my three-days of fasting and prayer for another Obama win on Tuesday, March 4th.

Yes, this election is just that important to me. There is too much craziness in the United States and I think Barack Obama can begin to change that. No, I don't think he has a magic wand and all of the evils in the world will disappear but I do think our nation's leader will set the tone for us as a country.