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Hillary Tries to Hijack Florida

Yesterday I sent a letter to Howard Dean, head of the Democratic National Committee. The letter expressed my opinion on the possibility of seating delegates from Florida at the Dems national convention.

Florida legislators voted to change the date of the Florida primary and the DNC penalized Florida by not acknowledging votes and not seating delegates representing Florida. Like it or not; the penalty was not a surprise.

As I become more knowledgeable of the convoluted elections process, I don't like what I see. There are too many opportunities for the will of the people to be obfuscated thereby creating an illusion of democracy.

There is truth to the statement tends that ignorance is bliss. It is crucial that we learn the elections process, especially the loopholes, and pass that information on to as many people as possible. Ignorance may be bliss but knowledge is power.

This op-ed piece by Ana Menendez captures my position on this issue:     Democrats' indignation a little too late.


Another Reason to become Vegetarian: Massive Beef Recall

Damian Dovarganes / Associated Press

Information received by the federal agency shows that Hallmark/Westland Meat Packing Co. "did not consistently contact the FSIS public health veterinarian" as required when cattle became non-ambulatory after being inspected, the release said.

The Hallmark Meat Packing Company is the latest in a series of meat contamination scandals faced by the U.S. More than 143 million pounds of beef have been destroyed. A horrific video has permeated broadcast television and internet; it shows animal abuse and cows so weak they couldn't stand. They were shoved to slaughter. That same, likely contaminated meat has been shipped throughout the United States and consumed by who knows how many people.

What's happened to monitoring and oversight efforts in this country? Who's monitoring the finances? Who's monitoring the safety of the food we eat? Who's monitoring the viability of the roads, bridges and buildings we use every day?

Some instances can be considered out of the ordinary but there have been too many cases showing our exposure to danger and even death.


Barack Obama’s Speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention

This is the night I fell in love with Barack Obama. No, not the type of love that would disrespect my sister Michelle, but the kind of deep and abiding love and respect for someone that makes a tremendous difference in my life. There was a magic…a charisma in this man and it was not lost on me. I would speak of him at work the next day and I never forgot him and that speech. Yes, for me, it is held in the same high esteem as Martin Lither King's 'I Have a Dream' speech.

The essence of Senator Obama's message has not changed. His message is genuine. He embodies hope and the possibilities for all people. Our obvious differences in gender and ethnicity have separated us far too long in this country. Throw in religious and sexual preference differences and the divide broadens.

The negative impact of those differences are often perpetuated by the powers that be so they can still remain in power and keep too many Americans in the economic position of being the working poor. This madness must stop and it can begin with Barack Obama as President. America is not a perfect place. A Barack Obama presidency will not be a magic wand that eliminates the ills of society. We must start somewhere with someone who will represent all Americans. That person is Barack Obama.

From: OregonforObama

Senator Clinton recently tried to minimize the power of Obama's ability to reach the masses and downplayed his speaking ability. A great speech is a powerful thing. I'd like to think that Martin Luther King's 'I Have a Dream' speech was more than "just words". I'd also like to think that President John F. Kennedy's inaugural address was more than "just words". I could go on and on with famous speeches but I think you get my point.

Deputy arrested for abuse of quadriplegic man

This one of the most disgusting videos I've seen. Here is a Hillsborough County (Tampa, FL) deputy, Charlette Marshall-Jones dumping a quadriplegic man, Brian Sterner, from his wheelchair to the ground. Other officers watched it happen and did nothing; one guy even laughed.

From: PatriotsMaxim

Marshall-Jones was arrested and later fired. What was she thinking? You know that she had to be aware of the video camera and she dumped the guy anyway? The other officers who were present and did nothing, should be fired also.

Charlette Marshall-Jones

Barack Obama: From Dream to Reality

I love this video on the success of the Barack Obama presidential campaign. Even if you're not an Obama supporter, you'll be moved by the images. Enjoy.

From: AkinScribe5

The Illusion of Democracy or Are the Superdelegates Feeling Very Super?

Over the last couple of weeks I've read a lot and seen a lot about the superdelegates and their ability to determine the Democratic presidential nominee in spite of the votes of the people. This practice of the Dems has served to paint the Party as less than democratic in the eyes of folks who have participated in this year's election process.

Some politicians who pledged their support early on to Hillary Clinton are now feeling the heat of their constituents. One such person is civil rights icon John Lewis, now a Congressman from Georgia. There were rumors of his switch to support Obama which he has now denied. This is going to get really ugly folks. Obama's overwhelming support in Georgia, especially Atlanta, may jeopardize his re-election efforts. He is a civil rights icon but folks are ready to kick him to the curb.

"Something is happening in America and people are prepared and ready to make that great leap," Lewis told the New York Times. "I've been impressed with the campaign of Senator Obama. He's getting better and better every single day."

What kind of weak compliment is that? Just don't say anything, please.

If Obama wins Texas and Ohio it may be over for Clinton and some other folks. The superdelegates will find they have some explaining to do if they don't support Obama. Talk about a fairy tale. The entire process, if hijacked by the superdelegates, will prove just how much a fairy tale the Democratic presidential process actually is.

Georgia Congressman David Scott got the message and switched to Obama; let's see who else follows suit.

This nomination fight is far from over; don't count Hillary Clinton out.

Want to know how the superdelegates say they'll vote? Click here.

Bad Place to be Today: In Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Office

Woo…woo…woo! Hillary Clinton must be a mad somebody this morning. What must she do to stop the Barack Obama train that has rolled over her several times lately? As has been mentioned in several spots on the internet and on television, Hillary's people didn't have a plan after Super Tuesday.

The Clinton campaign was so sure that Super Tuesday would be a wrap for them that they just fizzled the hell out. Overconfidence is a butt-kicker, huh? If they had any idea that this war with Barack Obama would have lasted such a long time surely they never would have spent so much money on the front end forcing Hillary to loan her campaign $5 million.

Anyhoo, let's pray that Obama doesn't get the big head and think that he's won because he hasn't. There are still more states to go. I do think that Texas will be a watershed moment for Billary. If she doesn't win Texas or Ohio, it may be time for her to cry again to get some sympathy votes.

Speaking of Billary, you know, in addition to her less than warm personality, their double-team presidential campaign took a major hit and has yet to recover from his disparaging remarks about Barack Obama and referring to Obama's campaign as a fantasy. Now, Bill (yes, his 'Brother' card has been officially revoked) has been around enough black people to know that with those comments there would be some repercussions. You know the Billary backlash is really bad when folks like former Virginia governor Doug Wilder come down on Bill. Ouch.

Oh yeah, I'd love to be a fly on the wall when the traditional (old guard) black political leadership is discussing how to get on the Obama train after they dissed him early on. "He should wait his turn…blah…blah…blah". That's funny and sad because they are ignoring the will of the people who put them in office but that's another story for another time.

This presidential campaign has been so very interesting. I'm still watching CNN more than Law & Order and HGTV. The media folks would love to see the Barack-Hillary war last well into the Democratic Convention. More drama, more money for them but I'm not hating; I just wish I'd paid more attention in Mr. Wittenberg's Civics class in high school.

Before I end this, let me not leave off the Republicans. Has Huckabee become a pain in McCain's side or what? McCain is way out in front as far as delegates are concerned but he will also be a much harder sell in the general election. That comment about staying in Iraq for 100 years will eventually cost him. I'm still trying to figure out who's voting for him anyway.

Did you watch his speech last night? Is it just me or were there too many elderly people in the background of that shot as he was speaking. While he was talking, and I can't tell you anything he said, I couldn't get that movie 'Cocoon' out of my head. And what is my governor, Charlie Crist doing with the McCain Campaign?

Well, let's stay tuned for the next stop on this train and this living, breathing social studies lesson.



Blog it Forward

Blog buddy Linda of Linda's Yoga Journey tagged me, sort of, and I am to name my ten favorite blogs. That's not the easiest task for me to accomplishment because my taste changes daily. So here goes.

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I've listed my ten favorites but that's just how I'm feeling today; the list could be different tomorrow. Either way, check them out; I'm sure you'll find a blog to your liking.

Democrats’ presidential election process not so democratic

The Democratic presidential campaign continues even with Barack Obama's trouncing of Hillary Clinton yesterday. Clinton is ahead in total delegates but Obama is ahead in pledged delegates.

What does that mean? Well, it means that in close elections such as this, the people --- that would be you and me --- won't have the final say on the Democrat presidential nominee. Yeah, uh-huh. The superdelegates can totally override the will of the people.

Take a look at the delegate count thus far.


Hillary Clinton

Pledged: 877

Superdelegates: 223

Total: 1,100

Barack Obama

Pledged: 908

Superdelegates: 131

Total: 1,039

John Edwards

Pledged: 26

Superdelegates: 0

Total: 26

From CNN Elections website as of 2008/02/10 6:05 AM

Delegate Definitions

Pledged delegates: Won by candidates in primaries and caucuses; pledge to support their candidates at the national conventions.
Superdelegates: Democratic officeholders and party officials guaranteed national convention seats; can support the candidate of their choice.

The Dems and Republicans follow different processes to elect their presidential nominee. The fight for delegates is serious. The Democratic nominee must win 2,025 delegates or the superdelegates decide who the nominee is. Obama is ahead of Clinton in the pledged votes but Florida and Michigan were penalized and their votes are not included. Clinton won both states.

Herein lies the dilemma for the Democratic Party elite; they don't want to make that decision. The potential to cause the Party to implode is quite real.

Surely, Howard Dean and other shot-callers are trying to broker deals between the Obama and Clinton camps; I'd love to be a fly on the wall for those discussions.

There are 796 superdelegates; the hard sell to them is in effect. Some powerful names such as Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea ad John Kerry are being used to lobby the superdelegates. Democratic Party loyalists underestimated the success of Obama's and the need to use the superdelegates in such a tight potentially divisive race.

The Nation gives a good history of superdelegates and an analysis of how they may impact this year's election. Want more details on the superdelegates and how they vote? Go to this site.

Don't think this is just a Democratic Party issue. The Republican equivalent to superdelegates are called unpledged RNC members. So, in either party, the rank and file can be overridden by Party elite. That must change.

David Shuster’s words inappropriate? Yes. Incident blown out of proportion? Yes.

Here is the video of The Tucker Carlson Show on which David Shuster was guest host and unfortunately uttered the words 'pimped out' and Chelsea Clinton in the same sentence.

Were his words inappropriate? I think so. Has the situation been blown out of proportion? Definitely.

Not only were Shuster's words inappropriate, it was clearly inappropriate word use to support the point he was trying to make. For the record, if he wanted to use urban slang, the more appropriate term was 'pimped' not 'pimped out'.

Had Shuster been on MTV or some other youth-oriented network his comment would not have raised an eyebrow. How he thought he could get away with that on MSNBC is baffling.

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