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Spreading the Love in 2008

Wayne Hicks , the Villager over at Electronic Village honored me with a 'Spread the Love' Award. I've seen these awards on several blogs and I think some folks may take them lightly. Let the record show that I don't. Each and every award I've received has humbled me and served as motivation to keep doing what I do.

As one who started blogging without a plan or a niche or following any of the recommended steps and practices in the blogging process, I am honored when another blogger takes the time to recognize and appreciate what I post here and on my other blogs.

Villager is one of the folks I consider a master blogger. He's always on his game, posts regularly and his blog's flavor is definitely Obama-esque. The Electronic Village is transformative in the knowledge shared and the overarching ambience of unity of all Villagers. He is also one of the bloggers I've featured through my '20 Questions' interviews on my blog 'on the black hand side'.

I probably shouldn't be so honest as to share the fact that much of what my regular readers have enjoyed the most on my blogs were frequently those features and posts that I really hadn't planned. I could pretend it was all planned and I had it going on but that would be a lie. The truth is I listen to my inner voice and allow myself to be led. It's karma, the ancestors and the angels guiding me. For all of the nudges in the right direction I say thank you. For all of you who are subscribers and commenters, I thank you also.

With all that being said, I am spreading the love to Shelia, Invisible Woman, MarvalusOne, Karoli, Paula Neal Mooney and Linda. All of these ladies are shining examples of bloggers who uplift and inform. I am pleased to have them as blogging sisters and wish them many more blog posts to come.

Again, thanks for the love, Villager. Let's keep this train going.

From:  busterbus1963jp