Hillary Tries to Hijack Florida
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The Obama Train Rolls Over Clinton Again

Well, Obama pulled it off again. Hillary and her disparaging remarks about Barack didn't help her win. Perhaps it's time for her to cry or find another voice; the one she's using isn't working. People are ready for change and Hillary doesn't appear to be a part of it.

Barack Obama demonstrates unity among American voters. Hillary Clinton and John McCain are divisive and that's not what the USA needs.

Did you notice the way Barack dissed Hillary as she gave her concession speech? He started his victory speech while was speaking and the cameras cut away to Obama. Ouch. Now you know that messed with her head and that was precisely the point. Her campaign strategists must be scratching their collective heads.

Senator Clinton's campaign has been hurting for some time now. Voters are rejecting her negative campaign. Since she's run on being the candidate with experience, one would think her experience would have taught her to run a better campaign.

Basically Hillary has to play out the hand she's dealt. How she overcomes the position she now finds herself in is beyond me. Barack Obama has momentum and right now, Hillary should find a gracious way to handle losing.