The Obama Train Rolls Over Clinton Again
Derrick N. Ashong: Obama supporter stuns interviewer

You have the right to vote but not to blog (without our approval)

Did you see this jacked up story about a CNN producer who was fired from his job at CNN for blogging. What's that about? The guy did not blog about work but his blog became so popular that he was invited to guest blog for The Huffington Post. Perhaps that was his undoing? I don't know. The New York Times coverage of his termination and his personal blog post gives one reason to pause.

His blog post after he was kicked to the curb was very enlightening and it may have been better for CNN to just reprimand him and not fire him.

Use of the internet on one's personal time is an issue that must be dealt with or there will be more situations like this in the future. Thanks to Matt from A Bowl of Stupid for the heads up.