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Sometimes it’s not what you say but how you say it

Hillary Clinton is not backing out…stepping down…pulling out…conceding or whatever you want to call it from the Democratic presidential campaign. Barack Obama said she should stay in the race. Surprise…surprise.

Did you really expect Obama to say anything other than that? Obama is a class act. Had the position been opposite, HRC might have given different answer.

There is something insidious about the Clinton campaign. Clinton supporter Carole Simpson said that Obama is young and he can run again. Yeah, she actually said that.

You know what, she's absolutely correct on both points. Therein lays the insidiousness of the politricking. She implies that Hillary is somehow entitled to be the Democratic nominee. The audacity of this young upstart to try to deny her of her place in history. That's really sad.

Barack Obama is entitled to seek any political office that he so chooses and so does anyone else. The Clinton entitlement is likely the behind the flavor of her campaign. The calls for her concession are not to prevent anyone for voting as her surrogates have proclaimed as much as folks want her to nix the nastiness.

Campaigning is tough but it doesn't have to be nasty.

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Will Venus and Serena be Forced to ‘Denounce and Reject’ their Dad?

According to reports from The Miami Herald, Richard Williams, father of Venus and Serena, is a loose-cannon. The latest comments attributed to Williams are particularly controversial in light of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright drama of late.

In an interview with the Deccan Herald while in India for the Bangalore Open, Papa Williams said, ``The white man hated me all my life and I hate him. That's no secret. I'm not even an American, it just so happens I was born in America. People are prejudiced in tennis. I don't think Venus or Serena was ever accepted by tennis. They never will be. But if you get some little white no-good trasher in America like Tracy Austin or Chris Evert who cannot hit the ball, they will claim this is great.''

OK. Let's see who goes on the next national apology tour after those statements. In spite of the rest of the quote, you know white people are more ticked that he referred to Chrissy Evert as "little white no-good trasher."

Is Richard Williams on medication? I can't imagine what he was thinking when he went off like that. Some of what he said about the treatment Venus and Serena endure is true but was personalizing Evert and Austin necessary? Venus and Serena had better prepare to denounce, reject, repudiate or do something for damage control in this situation.


Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell Plays the Race Card --- Again

If the logic of Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is correct, whites in that state are racists and will not vote for Barack Obama because he is black. That is how the governor sees it and he's not taking it back.

I'd like to think that's not true, that Pennsylvania has evolved. Only the people of Pennsylvania can prove Gov. Rendell correct or incorrect. It is such divisiveness from the Clinton campaign, surrogates or whatever name Rendell and folks like Bill Clinton and James Carville are called lately.

Inarguably there are racist jerks in the United States. I'd think to think that there are substantially more fair-minded people in the U.S. also. The power is in the hands of the American people and our future is in our hands.

Rendell's Race-baiting Tactics are Not New

Al Gore as a compromise Democratic presidential candidate? I don’t think so.

Some folks want to add Al Gore as a compromise candidate to head the Democratic presidential ticket if Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama don't kiss and make up. Obama is not the problem Clinton is; she is the one that needs to pull up. She's losing and insists on throwing the kitchen sink of negative campaign tactics at Obama regardless of how ridiculous the idea.

Let's just make sure that the Democratic Party leaders clearly understand that dog won't hunt. Barack Obama should not be denied the presidency of the United States because of the desires of a few who have manipulated this nation far too long.

Barack Obama is a candidate of change and the political leaders who have screwed us for so many years want to continue their raping and pillaging of American citizens. I don't think so.

Now that many of us have taken the red pill and the Matrix has been destroyed, let's have a real revolution.

Power to the People!

If it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck it’s a freaking duck! Hillary Clinton is a liar.

What's with Kiki McClean and other political commentators taking issue with Hillary Clinton being called a liar? McClean had the audacity to refer to Hillary Clinton being called a liar as a personal attack. Hello…it's not an attack; it describes who she is and it's true.

Here are some Hillary Clinton lies provided by her old pal Dick Morris.

Admitted Lies

• Chelsea was jogging around the Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. (She was in bed watching it on TV.)
• Hillary was named after Sir Edmund Hillary. (She admitted she was wrong. He climbed Mt. Everest five years after her birth.)
• She was under sniper fire in Bosnia. (A girl presented her with flowers at the foot of the ramp.)
• She learned in The Wall Street Journal how to make a killing in the futures market. (It didn't cover the market back then.)

Whoppers She Won't Confess To

• She didn't know about the FALN pardons.
• She didn't know that her brothers were being paid to get pardons that Clinton granted.
• Taking the White House gifts was a clerical error.
• She didn't know that her staff would fire the travel office staff after she told them to do so.
• She didn't know that the Peter Paul fundraiser in Hollywood in 2000 cost $700,000 more than she reported it had.
• She opposed NAFTA at the time.
• She was instrumental in the Irish peace process.
• She urged Bill to intervene in Rwanda.
• She played a role in the '90s economic recovery.
• The billing records showed up on their own.
• She thought Bill was innocent when the Monica scandal broke.
• She was always a Yankees fan.
• She had nothing to do with the New Square Hasidic pardons (after they voted for her 1,400-12 and she attended a meeting at the White House about the pardons).
• She negotiated for the release of refugees in Macedonia (who were released the day before she got there).

So many lies. No wonder several of the Clintons' friends are supporting Barack Obama. Calling that crap she says by any other name doesn't change the stink. Yet the Clinton clan insists on staying in the race and threatening the implosion of the Democratic Party.

In typical classless fashion, Bill Clinton tried to goad Obama into sinking to their level. Well, Obama has remained presidential throughout this race and hopefully will continue to take the high road. The Clintons appear to get a thrill out of fighting. There's something wrong with that.

It's one thing to not back down from a fight and quite another to be a bully. Bill got Hillary in trouble with voters during the South Carolina primary and he's starting that crap again. His honorary black man card has already been revoked and pretty soon he'll be tagged a fascist, race-baiting gas-bag.

Let me end with more profound words from Dick Morris…"Bill lies about sex. Hillary lies about everything."

On Hillary Clinton and Bosnia: ‘Misspeak’ or Outright Lie?

Hillary082 Oh, my God! How much more of the Hillary Clinton lies must American voters endure? Her outright lies about her experience in Bosnia that she characterized as misspeaking is just so ridiculous. Were it not for the videotape she would have continued the lie and any prudent person knows that. What more does the public need to recognize that this woman is not fit to be the leader of this country? How could we believe anything she says?

This pattern of lying...misspeaking...exaggerating...overstating or whatever you choose to call it is just wrong. HRC lied and then she had the audacity to snipe Barack Obama about Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Give me a break. The media who say that she simply 'made a mistake' should have their credentials revoked. Shame on them! If HRC doesn't know the difference between sniper fire and being greeted by a little girl then she has an even bigger problem.

Hillary and her supporters need to try something else; the Rev. Wright piece has already proven to be spin and Wright is not a presidential candidate; Hillary Rodham Clinton is. She lied just like her husband did about Monica Lewinsky. No attempts to deflect and conflate her lies will change that. For the sake of the Democratic Party and the little credibility she has left, Hillary should concede now. She has relapsed to her whiny, offensive tactics and that's not at all presidential.

I'd like to dedicate this classic to Senator Clinton and her campaign team.

Another thing, the laughter you hear in the background is Sinbad. Last year a rumor sped through the internet about his death and now HRC tried to diss his recall of their trip to Bosnia. Ha! Shame on Hillary! Who's laughing now?

Day of Blogging for Voter Justice: The Time is Now for Democratic Party Unity

The campaign for the presidency of the United States of America has gone on for a long time. The field of likely candidates has been reduced to one Republican and two Democrats as we look forward to the general election in November. Candidates from other parties will likely be on the ballot but they really stand little chance to win.

What was once a fairly uneventful campaign has become negative and in many situations divisive. There have been major issues with the Democratic delegate process, talks on race and surrogates gone wild with utterly asinine statements.

With few differences in the position of Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on the issues, the Democratic presidential nominee will likely be decided based on character and likability.

Senator Barack Obama has emerged as the Democratic candidate with the best chance of heading the Democratic ticket. Based on the delegates already won and in spite of voting debacles in Florida and Michigan, Barack Obama is clearly ahead and should be the Dems nominee.

Instead, we find ourselves in a contest between the Democrats that is divisive and will surely result in implosion of the Democratic Party unless there is a sign of Unity amongst them soon.

Senator Clinton, concede now

It is mathematically impossible for either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic nomination before the convention as did John McCain for the Republicans. Thus, any determination of the Democratic presidential nominee is clearly in the hands of the superdelegates.

The superdelegates do not want to be in that position. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently proclaimed with confidence on national television that the Democratic presidential nominee would be determined before the national convention in July. Since Barack Obama is so far ahead in delegates, Hillary Rodham Clinton should concede now so the Democrats can campaign against John McCain rather than beat up on each other.

Hillary Clinton has consistently tried to change election rules to suit her personal benefit. She's had to eat her words regarding the importance of the vote in Michigan, lied about her foreign policy experience, only recently released her calendar as First Lady and has yet to release requested income tax information. It's time for her to concede.

The Bush Legacy must end

A McCain presidency is tantamount to four more years of Bush-Cheney. This country cannot survive more of that kind of leadership. The Democratic Party leaders must get on one accord, follow the will of the people, and convince Hillary Clinton to step aside now.

If you want change in leadership of this nation and do not want the Bush-Cheney legacy to continue in the form of John McCain, take the actions below.

  1. Sign the 'Concede Now, Hillary" petition.
  2. Tell others about the petition. Especially those fed up with the current political shenanigans.
  3. Contact with the Democratic National Committee and let them know your position on Unity in the Democratic Party. Be polite in your statement which can be a few words and even as simple as a link to the petition. See contact information below.
  4. Contact the superdelegates in your area, especially those that are politicians with the same message expressing your desire for Party unity and the concession of Hillary Clinton.

The Democratic National Committee:

Mailing Address:
Democratic National Committee
430 S. Capitol St. SE
Washington, DC 20003

Main Phone Number:

Click here to e-mail Democratic National Committee.

Website: The Democratic Party

Hillary and Florida Voters: Could she really win again?

I live in Florida --- land of sunshine and an occasional hurricane. You know that state that seems to screw up elections far too frequently. Yeah, that one.

Well, it seems that there's also been a quiet revolution as far as the presidential election goes. That claim of Hillary Clinton's popularity in Florida may be greatly exaggerated. As I've talked with more friends here, it seems that the luster of Bill Clinton has worn off and Hillary's trustworthiness is in serious doubt.

No, let me be crystal clear. Of each ten Democrat friends I've spoken with, nine of them voice their utter disgust with the way the Clintons have handled this campaign and applaud the presidential character of Barack Obama especially in light of the Rev. Wright issue. All of them say they will not vote for Hillary Clinton; they say if she's the Democratic nominee, they will not vote in the presidential race. Two of them say they are seriously considering voting for McCain over Hillary.

That's really deep and I think my poll is just as reliable as the Gallup Poll or any other poll commented on in the news. What this does speak to is the Florida superdelegates who are out of touch with the people. Hillary may have won in January but if she tried that now she'd get trounced. Florida voters are just a few weeks away from enforcing change the way voters did John Lewis in Georgia. This could get really ugly, folks.

In the meantime, HRC is who she is and McCain is who he is and neither of them holds a candle to Barack Obama.


FOX News Obama-bashing results in Anchor’s Walk-off Set

It seems that some folks over at 'all-spin, all-the-time' FOX News just couldn't take it anymore and walked off the set. As Gretchen Carlson and Steve Doocy continued their endless attack on Obama based on his "typical white person' comment, Brian Kilmeade condemned his co-hosts for clipping Obama's comments and not looking at them in their entirety.

Chris Wallace condemned the FOX Obama-bashing later.

This exchange is precisely why I rarely watch FOX.

h/t: Huffington Post

Clinton Camp goes Negative Again and Dismisses Bill Richardson’s Endorsement of Barack Obama

Gov. Bill Richardson, the nation's only Latino governor, endorsed Barack Obama today. Senior Clinton campaign strategist Mark Penn responded by characterizing the endorsement as too late and insignificant.

The Clinton camp implied that Richardson's only value is to help with Texas and Hispanics. Ha! With Hispanics as the fastest-growing minority in the country, I guess that's not a big deal. Give me a break!

It's precisely such condescending and belittling comments that lead me to question why anyone can support Hillary Clinton's candidacy. She is too mean-spirited, manipulative and divisive to lead this country.