If it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck it’s a freaking duck! Hillary Clinton is a liar.
Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell Plays the Race Card --- Again

Al Gore as a compromise Democratic presidential candidate? I don’t think so.

Some folks want to add Al Gore as a compromise candidate to head the Democratic presidential ticket if Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama don't kiss and make up. Obama is not the problem Clinton is; she is the one that needs to pull up. She's losing and insists on throwing the kitchen sink of negative campaign tactics at Obama regardless of how ridiculous the idea.

Let's just make sure that the Democratic Party leaders clearly understand that dog won't hunt. Barack Obama should not be denied the presidency of the United States because of the desires of a few who have manipulated this nation far too long.

Barack Obama is a candidate of change and the political leaders who have screwed us for so many years want to continue their raping and pillaging of American citizens. I don't think so.

Now that many of us have taken the red pill and the Matrix has been destroyed, let's have a real revolution.

Power to the People!