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Dancing in Silence: Thousand-Hand Guan-Yin

I seem to be in an Asian mode lately. I couldn't resist this post about The Disabled Peoples Arts troupe; let me know what you think after you watch the video. The troupe is an astounding group of 21 deaf mute young women from China whose repertoire includes "Thousand-Hand Guan-Yin". It is a spectacularly beautiful dance for anyone that is not physically challenged, to know that these young women demonstrate such precision strictly following their teachers who are strategically in the corners of the stage is all the more amazing. I would love to see a live performance of this group.

From You Tube:

As long as you are kind and there is love in your heart, a thousand hands will naturally come to your aid. As long as you are kind and there is love in your heart, you will reach out with a thousand hands to help others. Guan Yin is the bodhisattva of compassion, revered by Buddhists as the Goddess of Mercy. Her name is short for Guan Shi Yin. Guan means to observe, watch, or monitor; Shi means the world; Yin means sounds, specifically sounds of those who suffer. Thus, Guan Yin is a compassionate being who watches for, and responds to, the people in the world who cry out for help.