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Day of Blogging for Voter Justice: The Time is Now for Democratic Party Unity

The campaign for the presidency of the United States of America has gone on for a long time. The field of likely candidates has been reduced to one Republican and two Democrats as we look forward to the general election in November. Candidates from other parties will likely be on the ballot but they really stand little chance to win.

What was once a fairly uneventful campaign has become negative and in many situations divisive. There have been major issues with the Democratic delegate process, talks on race and surrogates gone wild with utterly asinine statements.

With few differences in the position of Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on the issues, the Democratic presidential nominee will likely be decided based on character and likability.

Senator Barack Obama has emerged as the Democratic candidate with the best chance of heading the Democratic ticket. Based on the delegates already won and in spite of voting debacles in Florida and Michigan, Barack Obama is clearly ahead and should be the Dems nominee.

Instead, we find ourselves in a contest between the Democrats that is divisive and will surely result in implosion of the Democratic Party unless there is a sign of Unity amongst them soon.

Senator Clinton, concede now

It is mathematically impossible for either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic nomination before the convention as did John McCain for the Republicans. Thus, any determination of the Democratic presidential nominee is clearly in the hands of the superdelegates.

The superdelegates do not want to be in that position. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently proclaimed with confidence on national television that the Democratic presidential nominee would be determined before the national convention in July. Since Barack Obama is so far ahead in delegates, Hillary Rodham Clinton should concede now so the Democrats can campaign against John McCain rather than beat up on each other.

Hillary Clinton has consistently tried to change election rules to suit her personal benefit. She's had to eat her words regarding the importance of the vote in Michigan, lied about her foreign policy experience, only recently released her calendar as First Lady and has yet to release requested income tax information. It's time for her to concede.

The Bush Legacy must end

A McCain presidency is tantamount to four more years of Bush-Cheney. This country cannot survive more of that kind of leadership. The Democratic Party leaders must get on one accord, follow the will of the people, and convince Hillary Clinton to step aside now.

If you want change in leadership of this nation and do not want the Bush-Cheney legacy to continue in the form of John McCain, take the actions below.

  1. Sign the 'Concede Now, Hillary" petition.
  2. Tell others about the petition. Especially those fed up with the current political shenanigans.
  3. Contact with the Democratic National Committee and let them know your position on Unity in the Democratic Party. Be polite in your statement which can be a few words and even as simple as a link to the petition. See contact information below.
  4. Contact the superdelegates in your area, especially those that are politicians with the same message expressing your desire for Party unity and the concession of Hillary Clinton.

The Democratic National Committee:

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