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I live in Florida --- land of sunshine and an occasional hurricane. You know that state that seems to screw up elections far too frequently. Yeah, that one.

Well, it seems that there's also been a quiet revolution as far as the presidential election goes. That claim of Hillary Clinton's popularity in Florida may be greatly exaggerated. As I've talked with more friends here, it seems that the luster of Bill Clinton has worn off and Hillary's trustworthiness is in serious doubt.

No, let me be crystal clear. Of each ten Democrat friends I've spoken with, nine of them voice their utter disgust with the way the Clintons have handled this campaign and applaud the presidential character of Barack Obama especially in light of the Rev. Wright issue. All of them say they will not vote for Hillary Clinton; they say if she's the Democratic nominee, they will not vote in the presidential race. Two of them say they are seriously considering voting for McCain over Hillary.

That's really deep and I think my poll is just as reliable as the Gallup Poll or any other poll commented on in the news. What this does speak to is the Florida superdelegates who are out of touch with the people. Hillary may have won in January but if she tried that now she'd get trounced. Florida voters are just a few weeks away from enforcing change the way voters did John Lewis in Georgia. This could get really ugly, folks.

In the meantime, HRC is who she is and McCain is who he is and neither of them holds a candle to Barack Obama.