Day of Blogging for Voter Justice: The Time is Now for Democratic Party Unity
If it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck it’s a freaking duck! Hillary Clinton is a liar.

On Hillary Clinton and Bosnia: ‘Misspeak’ or Outright Lie?

Hillary082 Oh, my God! How much more of the Hillary Clinton lies must American voters endure? Her outright lies about her experience in Bosnia that she characterized as misspeaking is just so ridiculous. Were it not for the videotape she would have continued the lie and any prudent person knows that. What more does the public need to recognize that this woman is not fit to be the leader of this country? How could we believe anything she says?

This pattern of lying...misspeaking...exaggerating...overstating or whatever you choose to call it is just wrong. HRC lied and then she had the audacity to snipe Barack Obama about Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Give me a break. The media who say that she simply 'made a mistake' should have their credentials revoked. Shame on them! If HRC doesn't know the difference between sniper fire and being greeted by a little girl then she has an even bigger problem.

Hillary and her supporters need to try something else; the Rev. Wright piece has already proven to be spin and Wright is not a presidential candidate; Hillary Rodham Clinton is. She lied just like her husband did about Monica Lewinsky. No attempts to deflect and conflate her lies will change that. For the sake of the Democratic Party and the little credibility she has left, Hillary should concede now. She has relapsed to her whiny, offensive tactics and that's not at all presidential.

I'd like to dedicate this classic to Senator Clinton and her campaign team.

Another thing, the laughter you hear in the background is Sinbad. Last year a rumor sped through the internet about his death and now HRC tried to diss his recall of their trip to Bosnia. Ha! Shame on Hillary! Who's laughing now?