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Tornado in the ATL

Our prayers are with the people of Atlanta who are dealing with the aftermath of a quick and damaging tornado. It seems that downtown Atlanta got the worse of the storm although there were no fatalities in that part of Georgia. Two people died in other parts of the state.

CNN and other landmarks were damaged. Photos show windows broken, water damage at the Georgia Dome and several vehicles ruined. There were several events, including a SEC basketball tournament and a dental convention that brought thousands to the downtown Atlanta area.

Is this the face of a commander-in-chief?

I saw this post on Whatever Floats My Boat. I needed the laugh; perhaps you do also.

Happy Weekend!

Is the Florida-Michigan delegate flap about the voters or the candidates?

Enough of this Florida and Michigan delegate controversy already. The back and forth about how the dilemma could best be resolved is being totally ignored.

Let the record show that I think Florida and Michigan should abide by the rules of the Democratic Party. Does that mean not seating delegates? Yes, it does. The states knew the consequences of an early primary so they should live by them; it's just that simple. I won't even get into Hillary's name as the only candidate on the ballot in Michigan.

Now, let's get to the real deal on this issue. The candidates, legislators and Party leaders who go on and on about the disenfranchisement of the voters should just split the number of delegates in half and allocate half to Clinton and half to Obama; if this issue was REALLY about the people.

Give me a break. Am I expected to believe that any of them really care about me ---the Florida voter? Gag me with a spoon. It's all about winning delegates and nothing more. If any of those folks REALLY cared about the enfranchisement of voters, they would split the delegate allocation in half and it wouldn't cost anybody anything. But, no.

I haven't been following Michigan as closely as Florida but it seems as though our Democratic political leaders along with our Democratic Party leaders insist on making us look like idiots. It's time for the people in Florida and Michigan to speak out and stop allowing these folks to make all of us look stupid.

Keith Olbermann disses Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton

Keith Olbermann skewers Hillary with this Special Comment about the Geraldine Ferraro brain fart. He's been a Hillary supporter but doesn't support her tepid response regarding Ferraro's comments. Hillary's showing her true colors as she does whatever she can to win the presidency of the United States.

From: turn98x

Has America become a third world country?

As the Democratic National Committee in my state, Florida, moves toward a ridiculous mail-in presidential primary re-vote, I am more convinced that America is a third world country masquerading as a democracy.

We've seen these questionable moves in the past. Elections have been stolen, a la Bush. Faulty voting machines, voting irregularities and ballots not counted.

Now the DNC has allowed itself to be strong-armed into seating Florida delegates by hook or by crook. So what's the plan? A mail-in vote? That's so ridiculous. And I guess that's so Florida too.

Now that Howard Dean and the DNC have resorted to making up rules as they go along; it should change the Party's name because there's little democratic about it.

Queen of Denial: Geraldine Ferraro

Geraldine Ferraro needs a reality check. Here's what she said in an interview she gave the Daily Breeze in Torrance, Calif.,

I respect Ferraro's right to voice her opinion. She had been one of my political heroes until she made that ridiculous statement. Then to learn that she made the same comment in 1988 about Jesse Jackson is indicative of someone who is not only a racist but a bigot to boot. Ms. Ferraro needs a reality check.


Her righteous indignation about being attacked by the Obama campaign and resigning from the Clinton campaign finance committee is beyond ridiculous --- it's pitiful and it's race-baiting. Speaking of race-baiting, that has become part of Clinton's 'kitchen sink' campaign strategy along with playing the victim role. I hope more Americans see through that.


Now that Ferraro has resigned, what can we expect her to say that can be more divisive that what she's already said? Dr. Mary Frances Berry, former chair of the Office of Civil Rights, said that Barack Obama should have passed and not commented on Ferraro's remarks. She was serious about that. Obama had better man up because it's only going to get worse when the Repubs start.


In the meantime, Geraldine Ferraro is a racist; if she thinks she's not, she needs to get that checked out.




What was Eliot Spitzer thinking?

I don't know much about New York governor Eliot Spitzer except what I've heard and read the last 24 hours. I do know that I feel sorry for his daughters. His wife? I'm not sure where she's coming from but I respect her right to stand by her man.

It's my understanding that Spitzer is brilliant and even made a perfect score on his LSAT. What could he have been thinking getting caught up in a prostitution ring? And wouldn't his wife want him to resign? Does he really want more of his personal life exposed to the media?

The obscene amounts of money he allegedly paid and the subterfuge involved in meeting these women are fascinating. If he doesn't resign, we're likely to hear more than we want to know on Spitzer and the prostitutes.

Surely some other powerful men are shaking in their boots fearing their own exposure. What you do in the dark while always come to light.

Mission Accomplished

The last five days of my life have been totally consumed with either work fiscal problems, to a lesser extent, family issues and most of all, a student recruitment activity for my college alma mater (FAMU). Yes, that's why I've been somewhat missing in action. The long and short of it is that the event was far been attended than we'd imagined --- especially for a Monday night in the Overtown section of Miami.

There were at least 900 folks there. The auditorium was packed from top to bottom. About 25 students received scholarships in various amounts with a few getting a full ride for their four years in college. Now, I just got caught up in the moment because that's not what this post is really about.

My lesson learned from working this project is that I can't hang the way I used to. I was so tired yet exhilarated at the same time. The relief from the completion of the project was almost like childbirth. Now that it's over, I can get more than four hours sleep.

Politricks, Double Standards and Sacrificing Samantha Power

Samantha Power is my hero. Samantha Power spoke the truth about Hillary Clinton. So what's the problem? Why did the Obama campaign fire/force her to resign?

It's estimated that more than a million people died in Rwanda and our government could have done something. Bill Clinton was president at the time and he did nothing to prevent the genocide.HRC is his wife and she touts her foreign policy experience, why didn't she do something about that?

It's time for Obama to put a stop to the doublespeak and double standard of Hillary Rodham Clinton and her advisors. They pounce on anything and make it a huge issue with the support of the media. Who needs a pillow now? The media coddling of HRC must stop. Black people are still waiting for her to denounce and reject Bob Johnson for his comments about Barack Obama. And when is she going to call John McCain on the carpet and demand he denounce and reject John Hagee for his anti-Catholic remarks and his involvement in a 'slave auction' school fundraiser? She can't have it both ways.

Again, more than a million people died in Rwanda. The Clintons could have done something about it. Selective amnesia when it comes to politricks and race-baiting. Don't forget the fear-mongering from that Obama photo her camp planted according to the Drudge Report and she then denied.

Samantha Power was sacrificed and for what? Telling the truth.

Check out Marc Cooper's take on the situation:


Hillary Clinton, Not So Good on Genocide

By Marc Cooper, Huffington Post
Posted on March 8, 2008, Printed on March 8, 2008

The Barack Obama campaign is about to pay a very high price for the inopportune words of one of its most distinguished foreign policy advisors. The dazzlingly brilliant journalist, Pulitzer-prize winning author, and Harvard professor, Samantha Power, has been forced to resign from the campaign after she recklessly told a reporter that Hillary Clinton is a "monster."

In the pungently hypocritical game of American politics, this is just something outside the rules. Whether it's true, or not, matters little. Nor does it matter that the object of Power's derision has just finished spending millions on TV ads implying that Obama would be responsible for the countless deaths of millions of American children sleeping at 3 a.m. Tut, tut. Nothing monstrous about that.

Power was rightfully awarded the Pulitzer for her finely written and downright horrifying book A Problem From Hell which, in macabre detail, describes the calculated indifference of the Clinton administration when 800,000 Rwandans were being systematically butchered. The red phone rang and rang and rang again. I don't know where Hillary was then. But her husband and his entire experienced foreign policy team -- from the brass in the Pentagon to the congenitally feckless Secretary of State Warren Christopher -- just let it ring.

And as more than one researcher has amply documented the case, the bloody paralysis of the Clinton administration in the face of the Rwandan genocide owed not at all to a lack of information, but rather to a lack of will. A reviewer of Power's book for The New York Times, perhaps summed it up best, saying that the picture of Clinton that emerges from this reading is that of an "amoral narcissist."

Former Canadian General Romeo Dallaire, who commanded the UN forces in Rwanda at the time of the genocide, tells us a similar story in his own memoir. General Dallaire recounts how, at the height of the Rwandan holocaust, he got a phone call from a Clinton administration staffer who wanted to know how many Rwandans had already died, how many were refugees and how many were internally displaced. Writes Dallaire: "He told me that his estimates indicated that it would take the deaths of 85,000 Rwandans to justify the risking of the life of one American soldier." Eventually, ten times that many would die. And our response? A handful of years later, at a photo-op stopover in Kigali airport, Bill Clinton bit his lip and said he was sorry.

Therein resides the richest and saddest irony of all. Samantha Power has actually lived the sort of life that Hillary Clinton's campaign staff has, for public consumption, invented for its candidate. Though not quite 40 years old, Power has spent no time on any Wal-Mart boards but has rather dedicated her entire adult life rather tirelessly to championing humanitarian causes. She has spoken up when others were silent. She took great personal risks during the Balkan wars to witness and record and denounce the carnage (She reported that Bill Clinton intervened against the Serbs only when he felt he was losing personal credibility as a result of his inaction. "I'm getting creamed," Power quoted the then-President saying as he fretted over global consternation over his own hesitation to act).

We gave Power the Pulitzer for exposing the, well, monstrous indifference of the Clinton administration as it stared unblinkingly and immobile into the face of massive horror. But we give her a kick in the backside and throw her out the door when she has the temerity to publicly restate all that in one impolite word. Monstrous, indeed.

McCain ally held 'slave' auction fundraiser for school

I'm not making this up, folks. That supposed to be minister John Hagee is at it again. Check out the link below. There is no way this can be justified.

As you're reading it, ask yourself when is Hillary Rodham Clinton going to ask McCain to denounce and reject Hagee? Right, she's not. She hasn't denounced and rejected Bob Johnson for his insulting comments about Barack Obama.