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Sometimes it’s not what you say but how you say it

Hillary Clinton is not backing out…stepping down…pulling out…conceding or whatever you want to call it from the Democratic presidential campaign. Barack Obama said she should stay in the race. Surprise…surprise.

Did you really expect Obama to say anything other than that? Obama is a class act. Had the position been opposite, HRC might have given different answer.

There is something insidious about the Clinton campaign. Clinton supporter Carole Simpson said that Obama is young and he can run again. Yeah, she actually said that.

You know what, she's absolutely correct on both points. Therein lays the insidiousness of the politricking. She implies that Hillary is somehow entitled to be the Democratic nominee. The audacity of this young upstart to try to deny her of her place in history. That's really sad.

Barack Obama is entitled to seek any political office that he so chooses and so does anyone else. The Clinton entitlement is likely the behind the flavor of her campaign. The calls for her concession are not to prevent anyone for voting as her surrogates have proclaimed as much as folks want her to nix the nastiness.

Campaigning is tough but it doesn't have to be nasty.

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