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The Rise and Fall and Rise and Fall of Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright

I tried to think of profound language in which to open this blog post and the only thing I can think of is --- DAMN! Yeah that's pretty much it right now. Damn! My vocabulary is not extensive enough at this juncture to think of anything else.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright was flying high Sunday evening and likely convinced some folks he wasn't a bad guy. There was the Bill Moyers interview Friday and the Detroit NAACP dinner on Sunday. Both appearances were acceptable and much more positive than negative. He could have let that comment about the Kennedys go during his speech before the NAACP but I still exhaled. Then there was the debacle at the National Press Club Monday. My, oh, my.

I'd heard about his speech from friends who called while I was at the office. Their description paled in comparison to what actually occurred. It wasn't what Rev. Wright said as much as it was the way he said it. The excerpts I saw on television were very circus-like as I'm sure was intended. DAMN.

For all the ground Wright covered the night before, he damaged Barack Obama and himself by his showing at the Press Club. Obama was correct in referring to Wright's speech as a performance; that's exactly what it was. There are some who assert that Rev. Wright was actually setup by Clinton supporter Rev. Barbara Reynolds who organized the event. It doesn't really matter; the damage has been done.

Whether the setup is true or not, it is perfectly understandable that Rev. Wright was hurt by his mischaracterization in the media and throughout the internet. He wanted and needed vindication. Those who attend his church and know him speak of him glowingly. That is the person I'd like to believe is the real Rev. Wright.

The National Press Club speaking engagement was not where Rev. Wright should have appeared. Being in the media spotlight requires professional advice to help you not be perceived incorrectly. When that media coverage is worldwide, it becomes all the more important. It's been reported that Rev. Wright did not adhere to the pleas of friends to NOT speak at the Press Club. That's really unfortunate.

My heart was crushed as I watched Senator Obama attempt to distance himself from Rev. Wright. That had to be very difficult for him but he had no choice. I do pray that Rev. Wright makes no more comments or appearances before the general election although he has the right to do whatever he so chooses.

Art of Deception by Charlie Gibson & George Stephanopoulos


By Eddie Griffin

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In prison, there are some good and honorable men who simply made a mistake in their lives. But then there are some of the vilest creatures on the planet locked up. Although God changed my life in prison, some of the meanest men in the world changed my attitude about sin. I was not one of them, had no desire to be one of them, and didn’t want them around me. If they asked me, I will tell them to their face that I could care less if they fell off the face of the earth. They were bad and were not about to change. And, I was as mad and as bad as they were.

So do not ask me about the death penalty. I have my own option based upon my personal experiences and what I learn from the scriptures. It's not politics to me, because I saw men justifiably executed by their fellow inmates, and I would not even lift a finger to stop it. One man rapes another man, and the other man kills him. Justifiable death penalty, I say.

Now there is a question about who has the authority to speak on a subject, seeing that everybody has a butt hole for an option. If their idea stinks, it stinks. You cannot sell me.

Recently, the mass media got busted trying to brainwash the public. ABC News anchor Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos tried to pull the wool over the public's eye in the presidential debate, and then tried to sell the American public on the idea that presidential candidate Barack Obama was crying because of tough questions.

Yeah, riiiiight!

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Garbage-in, Garbage-out, Gibson puts the garbage-in and George Stephanopoulos takes the garbage out... like two trash men.

Men in prison may study the art of deception, but ABC News has made it a science.

But you can only fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time. Them idiots you can fool all the time, they are a dime a dozen, but you cannot fool me, none of the time.

You may as well call ABC News Cartoon World. Here is the wily fox is standing behind a tree with a club in his hand, waiting for the innocent chicken to walk by. (In Cartoon World, it is sooo obvious). But when the fox is Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos and the innocent chicken is Barack Obama, Cartoon World turns into a Soap Opera, As the World Turns on its ear, brought to you by ABC News.


There have always been political mouthpieces that speak for the kings and lords, explaining why there is divine rule in the land. They create philosophies of state and government and religion. But a funny thing happened in the revolution in medieval times. When the peasants chopped off the king's head, there went the heads of his philosophers also.

HAT TIP to Will Bunch from Eddie Griffin

Blogging for Hope: Bloggers Unite for Human Rights

Join Bloggers Unite For Human Rights On May 15!

Thanks to you, May marks the first anniversary of Bloggers Unite and this time we're launching an awareness campaign chosen by BlogCatalog members. On May 15, let's unite for human rights and make a statement that all people are born with basic rights and freedoms - life, liberty, and justice!

On May 15th 2008, let's come together and all blog about Human Rights. There are dozens and dozens of human rights issues that you can write about. The one you choose is up to you.

Topics to Consider

  • The wrongful imprisonment of journalists covering assemblies.
  • Governments that ignore the plight of citizens left tot he mercy of gangs.
  • The censorship of the Internet in order to prevent freedom of expression.
  • Harsh punishments that include torture, forced labor, and starvation.
  • Sexual assault against women by members of military or militia.

Learn More About Human Rights

There are many organizations that promote human rights and work to protect people. We've picked three to help you learn more and find breaking topics.

  • Amnesty International ( is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights for all. They work to improve human rights through campaigning and international solidarity.
  • Human Right Watch ( is dedicated to protecting human rights of people around the world. They stand with victims and activists to prevent discrimination, uphold political freedom, protect people from inhumane conduct in wartime, and to bring offenders to justice.
  • Youth For Human Rights ( is an independent non-profit that educates people about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights so they become valuable advocates for tolerance and peace.

We have an entire group discussion dedicated to Bloggers Unite ( where you can add more organizations that you think are worth including.

How To Join Bloggers Unite!

To join, simply visit the Bloggers Unite page ( to get more information. Then, on Thursday, May 15th, write a blog post that shares awareness about human rights.

Your blog post could:

  • Have the title "Bloggers Unite For Human Rights" (or some variation).
  • include an example of human rights so people can learn about it.
  • Explain the importance of human rights and how it applies to everyone.
  • Link to one of the sites we've listed or the most suitable site for your country.
  • And add a link to our BlogCatalog Community Human Rights Awareness Campaign page so we can give you and your blog credit for being part of it.

If you have any questions, please e-mail [email protected]. And please, don't forget to tell your friends to blog about this too. Together, I know we can raise awareness and prove bloggers can do good!

Speaking Truth to Power: Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright Delivers Big Time

The NAACP Fighting for Freedom Dinner in Detroit was the coming out party for the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright and come out he did. Detractors of Sen. Barack Obama have already started trying to marginalize the Reverend's powerful speech but you know they can't.

Live and in living color, Rev. Wright did himself a tremendous solid by destroying the racist, divisive caricature of him many had come to know. Comments about Wright's speech also showed just how much some folks don't know about blacks and the Black church.

Let me start with the introduction by Detroit NAACP branch president Rev. Wendell Anthony. His passion and conviction set the tone for Wright's fiery and humorous speech. Folks who didn't get the left-brain right-brain theory Rev. Wright shared didn't get Rev. Anthony's introduction and that's OK.

Some folks think Wright should have remained silent and his speech only keeps the controversy alive. The fact is that Rev. Wright will remain a political target for the Obama campaign anyway.

Rev. Wright's uncensored speech was delivered to a worldwide audience and you can't buy that kind of publicity. Wright spoke the truth about the differences between blacks and whites and reiterated that different is not deficient. Some who didn't listen to the speech will not get the unity in his speech. They won't get the call for respect for each other, our differences and change that's going to come.

Notably, Rev. Wright mentioned a book he has coming out. Whether that was a joke or not remains to be seen. In commenting on his speech, Republican strategist Sherri Jacobus criticized Wright for speaking out. She said his speech was self-serving and that he would get rich from his book.

Is she for real? Does she accurately represent the position of the GOP? Folks like Jacobus have themselves to blame for making Wright rich and more influential than he could have ever imagined. They are responsible for dragging Rev. Wright's character through the mud so many times that an otherwise un-newsworthy speech at an NAACP dinner received worldwide live broadcast privilege and was rebroadcast several times.

Rev. Wright is not going away and he will not be silenced. Staunch Clinton and McCain supporters are not going to vote for Barack Obama but reasonable folks and undecided voters saw a different Jeremiah Wright and he may have convinced undecided voters to support Obama.

Wright is scheduled to speak at the National Press Club in Washington, DC tomorrow. How his comments will be received before a less friendly crowd will be interesting. Stay tuned.

Clinton chalks up key meaningless victory

It's interesting to see what folks in other parts of the world think about this presidential race. Check out this editorial on Asia Times from the Campaign Outsider, Muhammad Cohen.

Crisis in Darfur and Tibet: Am I not human?

Today is April 27th. I had planned to write about the anniversary of my sorority's local chapter or about the new BlackBerry Curve I bought last week until I received an e-mail from fellow blogger, Eddie Griffin, that changed my focus for today.

The subject is the inhumanity of the crises in Darfur and Tibet. The Roots of Humanity campaign was started by a team of socially conscious bloggers to expose these atrocities to the world. Please join them in this effort.

I don't feel guilty about the conveniences I have or what I have accomplished but I can't live my life blind to the suffering heaped upon my brothers and sisters regardless of where they live.

Surely you've heard about the protests against the Olympics in Beijing and the efforts to disrupt the traditional torch run leading up to the opening games. Some folks have asked U.S. President George W. Bush not to participate in the opening games while others, such as me, think he should boycott the Games completely.

The Olympics, regardless of what some folks want you to believe, are connected to the rape, pillage and maiming of innocent people in Darfur and the murder and incarceration of the monks in Tibet. This madness must stop.

Inarguably, those of us in the United States have become dependent upon the Chinese government for so many of our routine needs. We have allowed our own government to sell us out to the lowest bidder and at what cost? The lives of so many in Darfur and Tibet are being taken everyday while future generations of Americans are headed for more despair because of jobs shipped to China.

That same Chinese government is at the core of the destruction in Darfur and Tibet. Since our United States government will not do anything about it, join the Roots of Humanity in forcing change from the bottom up.

The lives saved by exposing the impact of China's stronghold on the US, Darfur and Tibet and destroying that stronghold will benefit the planet. Is this a tremendous challenge? Yes. Will it be accomplished in a short period of time? Probably not; but we must start some time and we must not give up.

I know that I am Blessed and Highly-Favored. I owe it to my fellow citizens of the world to do what I can to help them. There but the Grace of God go You and Me; helping our fellow man is the price we pay for being here.

Am I not human?

A special thanks goes out to these bloggers for leading this charge:

Olympics Torch Human Rights


Contact Information:
Eddie Griffin (BASG)
Virtual Campaign headquarters:
Campaign Organizers can be reached: [email protected]

Bloggers Target Human Rights Violation in “Am I Not Human” Campaign

Humanity is imperiled, more today than ever before. Raping, pillaging, and maiming in Darfur has raised a voice against Sudan, and its trading partner, China. The violent crush of Tibetans by the Chinese military raises the question about its human rights practices. If the country appears to condone inhumane practices in another country and, itself, suppresses human rights protest within its own domain, then it is no better than the Imperial China of the past.

But oil makes allies of strange bedfellows.

People in Haitiare eating dirt, while an obese world looks on, and restaurants in the United Statesthrow leftover food in the trash. And, yet the world seems oblivious to human suffering, as if humanity is helpless to relief the suffering. Can humanity save itself?

The recent food riots in Haitiagain raise the Blogger Danielle to question, “Am I not human, too?”
There is something wrong in the world if we cannot save our humanity,” says Blogger known as PurpleZoe.

On Sunday, April 27th, bloggers from around the world will take a stand in “Remembrance of Humanity”. (See

The group joins other international groups to protest the condition of humanity and human rights violations by countries like China and benign neglect from countries like the United States.

The 'Am I Not Human? Campaign issued this statement to the international press:

With the intent to ask the masses to remember humanity when they think of major competitive events such as the Olympics, set to be hosted in Beijing by a country guilty of involvement in numerous civil rights violations and outright oppression, April 27th is being observed as the day to question must be asked for Darfurians, and Tibetans to name only a few countries that have been affected by China's lack of concern for human rights, 'Am I not human?'

Mark your calendar for these upcoming Democratic Primaries

Reverend Jeremiah Wright on Bill Moyers Journal

PBS's Bill Moyers Journal will likely realize its largest viewing audience ever with the broadcast of the first interview with embattled minister Jeremiah Wright. Countless news stories and blog posts have been written about the minister's fiery comments that became snippets of viral videos used to attempt to derail Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

Why Rev. Wright chose to come out now has become the subject of commentary throughout the internet. Personally, I would have preferred he comment publicly shortly after the brouhaha broke. Since time can't be reversed, we'll just see how this plays out.

For sure the reverend's interview will either be couched by political commentators, pundits, bloggers and reporters as either very good or very bad for Obama. The truth is that most folks will believe whatever they want to believe about Rev. Wright and the real target of the discourse, Barack Obama.

Let's saddle up and prepare for more ugly words regarding Obama and Wright. As we do so, keep in perspective that Wright's complete words and sermons are similar to many black ministers still seeking equality and justice for all. If the truth be told, those folks bashing Rev. Wright would have bashed Rev. Martin Luther King in the 1960's.

Check your local listing for Bill Moyers Journal.

Putting the spin on Democratic voters

Every state has a right to participate in the primary/caucus process but the call for every state to have a voice is also a bit disingenuous. The ultimate goal of the Democrats during this phase of the election process is to decide on a nominee to represent the Democratic Party.

The decision on who will represent the Democrats will be decided by the superdelegates not the voters. It is mathematically impossible for Hillary Clinton to win regardless of how votes are cast in the next 9 races.

The Clinton camp will focus on winning the popular vote to convince the superdelegates of her electability however if she doesn't beat Obama by at least 20 points in the remaining races, not selecting Obama as the Democratic presidential nominee will likely result in a McCain victory in November.

CNN reported that Obama supporters are more likely to support Clinton if she is the nominee rather than the other way around. I don't know which voters were polled but at this point I certainly do not see myself supporting the Democratic ticket if she is the eventual nominee.