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Crisis in Darfur and Tibet: Am I not human?

Today is April 27th. I had planned to write about the anniversary of my sorority's local chapter or about the new BlackBerry Curve I bought last week until I received an e-mail from fellow blogger, Eddie Griffin, that changed my focus for today.

The subject is the inhumanity of the crises in Darfur and Tibet. The Roots of Humanity campaign was started by a team of socially conscious bloggers to expose these atrocities to the world. Please join them in this effort.

I don't feel guilty about the conveniences I have or what I have accomplished but I can't live my life blind to the suffering heaped upon my brothers and sisters regardless of where they live.

Surely you've heard about the protests against the Olympics in Beijing and the efforts to disrupt the traditional torch run leading up to the opening games. Some folks have asked U.S. President George W. Bush not to participate in the opening games while others, such as me, think he should boycott the Games completely.

The Olympics, regardless of what some folks want you to believe, are connected to the rape, pillage and maiming of innocent people in Darfur and the murder and incarceration of the monks in Tibet. This madness must stop.

Inarguably, those of us in the United States have become dependent upon the Chinese government for so many of our routine needs. We have allowed our own government to sell us out to the lowest bidder and at what cost? The lives of so many in Darfur and Tibet are being taken everyday while future generations of Americans are headed for more despair because of jobs shipped to China.

That same Chinese government is at the core of the destruction in Darfur and Tibet. Since our United States government will not do anything about it, join the Roots of Humanity in forcing change from the bottom up.

The lives saved by exposing the impact of China's stronghold on the US, Darfur and Tibet and destroying that stronghold will benefit the planet. Is this a tremendous challenge? Yes. Will it be accomplished in a short period of time? Probably not; but we must start some time and we must not give up.

I know that I am Blessed and Highly-Favored. I owe it to my fellow citizens of the world to do what I can to help them. There but the Grace of God go You and Me; helping our fellow man is the price we pay for being here.

Am I not human?

A special thanks goes out to these bloggers for leading this charge: