2 Days Until Pennsylvania Primary
Putting the spin on Democratic voters

Hillary Clinton wins Pennsylvania Primary and the Democratic presidential race continues

As expected, Hillary Rodham Clinton won the Pennsylvania Primary and the protracted Democratic race continues. The race is still left up to the superdelegates and neither Clinton nor Obama can win without them.

The Obama camp eroded her 20 percentage point lead so Clinton can count PA as a victory but at what cost? What is also interesting and worthy of analysis is the Philadelphia vote and the influence of Mayor Michael Nutter. Obama won that area but was expected to win by a larger margin.

When all is said and done; Hillary Clinton still will not win overall. She is personally tainted because of her credibility deficit. Obama's opposition attacks him because of the people he knows but Hillary's opponents attack her because of what she's said and done.

The race will come down to who appeals more to the voters. Don't believe the hype; big states…small states…they ALL matter and they all count. Neither is more important than the other.

The Clinton camp needs to relish tonight's victory. Be mindful that the PA victory will not likely overcome Obama's lead in the popular vote. Obama's fundraising lead will be difficult for her to overcome also unless she loans herself money again.

Next on the campaign agenda are Guam (May 3) and Indiana and North Carolina (May 6). If past practice holds true, Clinton tends to show her ugly side after she wins so let's see what happens next. In the meantime, I'm going over to www.barackobama.com to make a donation.