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Crisis in Darfur and Tibet: Am I not human?

Olympics Torch Human Rights


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Bloggers Target Human Rights Violation in “Am I Not Human” Campaign

Humanity is imperiled, more today than ever before. Raping, pillaging, and maiming in Darfur has raised a voice against Sudan, and its trading partner, China. The violent crush of Tibetans by the Chinese military raises the question about its human rights practices. If the country appears to condone inhumane practices in another country and, itself, suppresses human rights protest within its own domain, then it is no better than the Imperial China of the past.

But oil makes allies of strange bedfellows.

People in Haitiare eating dirt, while an obese world looks on, and restaurants in the United Statesthrow leftover food in the trash. And, yet the world seems oblivious to human suffering, as if humanity is helpless to relief the suffering. Can humanity save itself?

The recent food riots in Haitiagain raise the Blogger Danielle to question, “Am I not human, too?”
There is something wrong in the world if we cannot save our humanity,” says Blogger known as PurpleZoe.

On Sunday, April 27th, bloggers from around the world will take a stand in “Remembrance of Humanity”. (See

The group joins other international groups to protest the condition of humanity and human rights violations by countries like China and benign neglect from countries like the United States.

The 'Am I Not Human? Campaign issued this statement to the international press:

With the intent to ask the masses to remember humanity when they think of major competitive events such as the Olympics, set to be hosted in Beijing by a country guilty of involvement in numerous civil rights violations and outright oppression, April 27th is being observed as the day to question must be asked for Darfurians, and Tibetans to name only a few countries that have been affected by China's lack of concern for human rights, 'Am I not human?'