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President Bush Should Boycott the Olympics Opening Ceremonies and the Entire Games

Protests of the Olympic Games have been successful in disrupting the international run of the Olympic torch. There are some people who say that politics has no place in the Olympic Games but how can that be when human beings are participants in the Games.

It is disingenuous and short-sighted to focus only on the athletic completion without considering the human factor. China is a terrorist country. Their treatment of the people in Tibet and role in the genocide in the Sudan must be addressed by the world community.

It is highly disgusting that the International Olympic Committee selected China to host the Games anyway; shame on them.

There have been calls for President Bush to not attend the opening ceremonies. That's all well and good but he should boycott the Games. Period. The statement is not strong enough by just boycotting the opening ceremonies. China has been showing its collective behind to the US and the rest of the world when it comes to human rights. How our government can participate and thereby condone such behavior is beyond me.

Because of China's economic stronghold on the U.S., it's not likely that President Bush will show any signs of protest. Let that be a lesson to all of us as to the priority of human rights in the grand scheme of things.

In the meantime, prayerfully, the peaceful protests will continue to shine a light on China's human rights violations in Darfur and Tibet.

In a subsequent post I'll highlight the sponsors of these Olympic Games; some of them may surprise you. It may be time to put them on blast for participating in such human rights atrocities but I'll save that for later.