Hillary Clinton wins Pennsylvania Primary and the Democratic presidential race continues
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Putting the spin on Democratic voters

Every state has a right to participate in the primary/caucus process but the call for every state to have a voice is also a bit disingenuous. The ultimate goal of the Democrats during this phase of the election process is to decide on a nominee to represent the Democratic Party.

The decision on who will represent the Democrats will be decided by the superdelegates not the voters. It is mathematically impossible for Hillary Clinton to win regardless of how votes are cast in the next 9 races.

The Clinton camp will focus on winning the popular vote to convince the superdelegates of her electability however if she doesn't beat Obama by at least 20 points in the remaining races, not selecting Obama as the Democratic presidential nominee will likely result in a McCain victory in November.

CNN reported that Obama supporters are more likely to support Clinton if she is the nominee rather than the other way around. I don't know which voters were polled but at this point I certainly do not see myself supporting the Democratic ticket if she is the eventual nominee.