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Reverend Jeremiah Wright on Bill Moyers Journal

PBS's Bill Moyers Journal will likely realize its largest viewing audience ever with the broadcast of the first interview with embattled minister Jeremiah Wright. Countless news stories and blog posts have been written about the minister's fiery comments that became snippets of viral videos used to attempt to derail Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

Why Rev. Wright chose to come out now has become the subject of commentary throughout the internet. Personally, I would have preferred he comment publicly shortly after the brouhaha broke. Since time can't be reversed, we'll just see how this plays out.

For sure the reverend's interview will either be couched by political commentators, pundits, bloggers and reporters as either very good or very bad for Obama. The truth is that most folks will believe whatever they want to believe about Rev. Wright and the real target of the discourse, Barack Obama.

Let's saddle up and prepare for more ugly words regarding Obama and Wright. As we do so, keep in perspective that Wright's complete words and sermons are similar to many black ministers still seeking equality and justice for all. If the truth be told, those folks bashing Rev. Wright would have bashed Rev. Martin Luther King in the 1960's.

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