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The Illusion of Democracy Part 2: Is It All About the Benjamins?

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Well…well…well. Now we know why the Clintons were holding out on releasing their income tax returns. Uh huh. While Billary has been playing the "we're just like you folks" game, they were actually raking in the Benjamins hand over fist. Man, oh, man…$109M? $52M in speaking fees for Bill Clinton? What in the world did he say? What was the amount per word uttered? I mean really, inquiring minds want to know.

The Clinton campaign released a press statement that puts a great spin on this income tax issue but who's really buying this? Don't get it twisted, I'm not mad at the Clintons if they're getting paid but why, oh why, all the secrecy and delay in releasing the information? It doesn't take that long to black-out social security numbers and other confidential information so you know a lot of folks think their is some hanky-panky going on with the numbers.

And check out when the info was released. Why wait until a Friday late afternoon when the media is not in a position to scrutinize and report to the public. It's a tad foul but that's how the Clintons tend to roll. Anyhoo, we had an inkling that the Clintons are big ballin' when Hillary loaned her campaign $5M.

One of my favorite sites, The Huffington Post, has a couple of don't miss articles on the Clintons income tax records. The first one I read is The Embarrassment of Riches by Bob Franken and the second is What Did Bill Do To Get $15m From Ron Burkle?. The Burkle article has links to the Clintons tax returns so peruse them and let me know what you think.

Now we have some idea why the big money folks like Bob Johnson are so hell-bent on keeping Hillary Clinton in the race and ultimately in the White House. Who knows what kind of deals they have in the works! Wake up, America, it's all about the Benjamins and little to do with the voters the Clintons and their friends pander to. Perhaps we'll find out more as the investigative reporters carefully scrutinize the Clintons income tax information.

In my humble opinion it was particularly insulting for Hillary Clinton to make a joke about her husband being rich after leaving public service full-time. That's not funny when you're an American who's on the verge of foreclosure or your health insurance won't cover needed medical costs. It's insensitive. And comparing herself to Rocky Balboa? Give me a break. Are we expected to believe their wealth was a surprise to her? That was just wrong.

And another thing, a senator's salary, even if a party leader, is somewhere in the $183K range. So just what does Hillary Clinton or any other senator do to earn over a million dollars in salary? I'm just asking.

In the meantime, I think I'd better join Toastmasters and get my talk on.

Don't hate. We're rich!


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