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I tried to think of profound language in which to open this blog post and the only thing I can think of is --- DAMN! Yeah that's pretty much it right now. Damn! My vocabulary is not extensive enough at this juncture to think of anything else.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright was flying high Sunday evening and likely convinced some folks he wasn't a bad guy. There was the Bill Moyers interview Friday and the Detroit NAACP dinner on Sunday. Both appearances were acceptable and much more positive than negative. He could have let that comment about the Kennedys go during his speech before the NAACP but I still exhaled. Then there was the debacle at the National Press Club Monday. My, oh, my.

I'd heard about his speech from friends who called while I was at the office. Their description paled in comparison to what actually occurred. It wasn't what Rev. Wright said as much as it was the way he said it. The excerpts I saw on television were very circus-like as I'm sure was intended. DAMN.

For all the ground Wright covered the night before, he damaged Barack Obama and himself by his showing at the Press Club. Obama was correct in referring to Wright's speech as a performance; that's exactly what it was. There are some who assert that Rev. Wright was actually setup by Clinton supporter Rev. Barbara Reynolds who organized the event. It doesn't really matter; the damage has been done.

Whether the setup is true or not, it is perfectly understandable that Rev. Wright was hurt by his mischaracterization in the media and throughout the internet. He wanted and needed vindication. Those who attend his church and know him speak of him glowingly. That is the person I'd like to believe is the real Rev. Wright.

The National Press Club speaking engagement was not where Rev. Wright should have appeared. Being in the media spotlight requires professional advice to help you not be perceived incorrectly. When that media coverage is worldwide, it becomes all the more important. It's been reported that Rev. Wright did not adhere to the pleas of friends to NOT speak at the Press Club. That's really unfortunate.

My heart was crushed as I watched Senator Obama attempt to distance himself from Rev. Wright. That had to be very difficult for him but he had no choice. I do pray that Rev. Wright makes no more comments or appearances before the general election although he has the right to do whatever he so chooses.