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Florida and Michigan Delegates to be Seated at ½ Vote Per Delegate

Hillary Clinton supporters have shown how disruptive they will be at the Democratic convention in Denver in August. After listening to the rhetoric and talk about Party unity and it is obvious that unity may not be realized. Oh, well, here we go again.

As a native Floridian and a Democrat, I was embarrassed but not surprised, by the less than mature display of disagreement by the spectators. If this is a signal as to how the Party will function throughout this campaign, someone may as well start engraving John McCain's POTUS credentials right now.

One thing is certain, Hillary Clinton and her supporters may be trying to position her as Obama's VP. That won't work; the divisiveness continues. The threat of taking this fight to the Credentials Committee at the convention, Hillary Clinton is destined to completely destroy her political credibility.

The goal to become the Democratic nominee has moved from 2,026 to 2,078 delegates. Obama now needs 68 delegates to secure the nomination and Clinton needs 241 delegates. Enough said.