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Hillary Clinton Keeping it Real --- Really Not True.

Hillary Clinton's Gaffe Invokes Assassination of Robert Kennedy

Open mouth and insert foot is what Senator Hilary Clinton did in explaining her rationale for prolonging her campaign by inoking the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy during his presidential campaign in June 1968. What in the world was she thinking?

Now here's Senator Clinton's explanation for the remark.

Granted, the pace of the presidential campaign must be grueling. The added stress of not being the frontrunner and a campaign in financial crisis must have taken their toll on Senator Clinton. Since she insists on staying in the race; she needs to bring her 'A' game and this is not it. Otherwise, she's prolonging the inevitable and causing herself unneccessary mental anguish. As annoying as she has become, I still don't want to see her meltdown; it will not be pretty.

June...August...or whenever, as long as she's not on Obama's ticket, it's all good.