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It’s Down to the Wire for the Democratic Delegate Decision

Saturday, May 31, is the day of reckoning on the decision regarding the seating of Democratic delegates from Michigan and Florida. Barack Obama is willing to give Hillary Clinton the lion's share of the delegates but what that final allocation is remains to be seen.

A large part of the resolution of this problem is that Barack Obama's name wasn't included on the ballot in Michigan. Many voters didn't participate in the election because of the penalty already imposed by the DNC.

Now we find ourselves trying to right s wrong that should never have occurred. While Party leaders and elected officials point fingers of blame, the voters in Michigan and Florida still got screwed.

Giving the delegation a half vote for each delegate seems to be the best solution so far. The Clinton Camp must come to some agreement as to the allocation of delegates in Michigan when Obama's name wasn't on the ballot. Prayerfully, cool, logical minds will resolve this issue quickly on Saturday. The Democrats already look pretty bad with the in-fighting.

No doubt Hillary Clinton will get her way again and it still won't matter when all is said and done.