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It’s official, John Edwards endorses Barack Obama

As Senator John Edwards took the stage, he immediately extended the olive branch by mentioning 'two amazing candidates' remaining in the race. When he spoke favorably of our friend Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, he received a round of boos in response.

"When the nomination is over and it will be over soon, we must come together as Democrats…blahblahblah." Such was the message delivered by Senator John Edwards. That's all well and good. I am pleased that Edwards endorsed Obama; wonder what compromise was made to secure it.

Realistically, the wounds inflicted by Hillary Clinton and her surrogates are far too deep and fresh to expect the Party unity needed to put a Democrat in the White House. And more important, for a strong Democratic majority in Congress.

As Edwards spoke of two Americas, an end to poverty and the war in Iraq, he gave a rousing endorsement to the candidacy of Barack Obama.

Before the official announcement, Clinton surrogate James Carville poo-pooed the Edwards endorsement with a straight face and everything. The Clinton camp must be hurting dearly because today was to be a big media day for HRC after last night's victory in West Virginia.

Now, the big question is, what will be the Clintons response to this latest media blitz in favor of her opponent? Conventional wisdom would dictate a quiet, gracious exit but HRC might leave mooning the Democratic Party elite.