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SNL Parody of Hillary Clinton: Funny? Not so much.

This Saturday Night Live parody of Senator Hillary Clinton would be funny if it wasn't true. What is intended as a joke is exactly how many people perceive her.

One key theory floating around and mentioned in the video is that African-American voters will support Hillary Clinton even if Barack Obama is not the Democratic presidential nominee. Don't be fooled. No matter the talk of Party unity, if Obama is not the nominee, there will be a backlash from African-American voters that even Barack Obama will not be able to prevent. That backlash will be the subject of international media coverage throughout the United States general election and beyond.

That's not a threat; it's a reality that has been ignored by the mainstream media, the Clinton camp and the DNC. The Clintons continue to inject racism and mean-spiritedness to the point that African-American voters will be bitter and that will not be a misnomer.