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Top Ten Hillary Clinton Supporters I Will NOT Miss When She Decides to Close Down Her Campaign


The Democratic Party presidential nomination process will likely come to an end soon with Senator Barack Obama declared the nominee. Senator Clinton will continue to declare herself the more electable Democratic candidate but if not next week when all of the primaries have been held then by the Convention in August, a nominee will be elected. That decision cannot come too soon for me.

I'm all for a campaign but this year has been particularly long and drama-filled. This very controversial and energy-filled election process, there are Clinton supporters/surrogates have gotten on my last good nerve so many times that the mere sight of them on television makes me cringe. These folks read from the play book and drank the same Kool-Aid when it comes to Hillary Clinton's campaign.


Top Ten Hillary Clinton Supporters I Will NOT Miss When She Decides to Close Down Her Campaign

10.   Emanuel Cleaver – This guy dissed Obama not for his position on Iraq or his plan for universal health care or any initiatives. Here's what Cleaver said,

"He is articulate - in the black tradition, he would probably be mediocre, but in White America, it's like, this guy can speak."

That is why Emanuel Cleaver is on this list. He's an elected official; the people of Kansas City should be very concerned.

9.     Kiki McClean – Loyal Clinton 'do-girl' who has so much admiration for Hillary Clinton that she's willing to lie and stretch the truth. She, too, is annoying. She does regurgitate the Clinton script very well.

8.     Paul Begala – This guy ranked much higher on my list until he chilled a bit after Donna Brazile tore him a new one on CNN.

7.     Debbie Wasserman-Schultz – I am so disappointed in the blind loyalty over logic displayed by Wasserman-Schultz. She is from south Florida as am I. Her stock has dropped tremendously.

6.     Geraldine Ferraro – She really stirred the pot and increased the level of divisiveness among Democrats. She has to know that some of the craziness she spews will come back to haunt her.

We would be better off if she that sat down and remained quiet.

5.     Lanny Davis – Former White House counsel during the Bill Clinton era, Davis stays on message which appears to be to spin the truth about Barack Obama in a manner that attempts to spread misinformation and fear. He can be particularly annoying at times.

4.    Terry McAuliffe – McAuliffe and #3 Howard Wolfson are key leaders of Hillary Clinton's campaign team. They guide and shape the campaign and serve as her spokesperson/surrogate. They have been out-campaigned by David and David. No, not the finalists from American idol but Axelrod and Plouffe from Barack Obama's campaign team.

McAuliffe and Wolfson also utilize misinformation and spin to convince voters to support Hillary Clinton.

3.    Howard Wolfson - See ##4.

2.    James Carville – This guy was #1 for many weeks. His arrogant, combative style and mean-spirited comments have been particularly destructive to the Party. His disingenuous spin on his offer to fund a re-vote in Florida caused me to question anything he espouses.

1.     Bill Clinton – I am terribly disappointed in the comments and actions of former president Bill Clinton. I confessed earlier that I was one of those folks so enamored with him that I excused many of his actions. President Clinton is far too close to this campaign, which is no surprise, that he doesn't see the reality of the ugliness and divisiveness that characterizes his wife's campaign.

With all due respect to the Clintons, the Senator has to be prepared to get what she gives in this campaign. What is viewed as disrespect by President Clinton, may in fact be disrespect, but Senator Obama has been slammed rather hard a few times also; it's the reality of politics and campaigning.

Time is running out. Senator Clinton can and will continue her fight for the presidency to the bitter end. As I indicated, I'll be glad when this is over so the next president can work toward straightening out the mess this country is in.