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Dis-Respect in Media: Dog the Bounty Hunter to Return to A&E

Let's face it; it's no surprise that the bigwigs at A&E Network plan to return Dog the Bounty Hunter to its line-up in a few days. After Duane "Dog" Chapman displayed such racist disdain for black people by referring to his son's black girlfriend as a ni**er and proceeded to use the vile term with such hate several times during a recorded conversation.

The foolishness was exposed last fall and the network suspended production. I guess the shelf life of black folks anger about the situation has expired in the minds of the network brass at A&E. It seems they think all is well and black folks have forgotten. Think again.

Here's a reminder of what Duane "Dog" Chapman said. WARNING: The audio is uncensored.

Although Dog went on his expected apology tour --- think Trent Lott, Michael Richards and Don Imus; that's not enough to erase what he did. Are blacks just expected to accept every apology by a celebrity caught in the act? I don't think so. The folks at A&E should be ashamed of themselves but they're not. It's all about the dollar and Dog brings them big bucks.

This protest of the return of Dog is about respect and mine is not for sale. Here's his stop on Hannity & Colmes.

He thought he could use the term ni**er because he was cool with black people. What?

The folks at A&E must be sent a message that returning Dog's show is disrespectful to all people of color. Don't forget that Dog also threw Mexicans in the mix during his tirade. As a matter of fact, substitute ni**er for any other slur, especially one that could be used against your ethnicity or gender and see how that feels.

The Afrosphere Action Coalition in conjunction with ConsciousInk has sent a letter to A&E as well as many of its former advertisers (others will still be contacted) to "express our disappointment with A&E's decision to embrace and facilitate; and it's advertisers decision to financially support, the return of 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' to the airwaves, after the very public revelation of Duane "Dog" Chapman's disdain for people of color, and lack of reservation with using racial slurs as attacks towards people of African Descent and other peoples who are not of European Descent.

Let the folks at A&E and their advertisers know that the return of the Dog the Bounty Hunter Show is unacceptable. Duane Chapman 'apologized' but he has not changed. His racist views are known to those around him. He admitted that he uses the term ni**er frequently; having his son's black girlfriend around apparently infringed upon his ability to express his racist tendencies.

Help us fight disrespect in the media. Contact the folks below:

A&E Vice-Presidents of Programming
[email protected], [email protected],

Travelocity Public Relations:
Vollmer Public Relations
Amanda Borichevsky
E-mail: [email protected],,TRAVELOCITY,00.html

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Special thanks to Afrosphere Action Coalition coordinators -- Daz Wilson, Yobachi Boswell and Francis Holland -- for providing leadership on the Day of Blogging for Media Justice.