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Dobson attack spawns Pro-Obama website by Caldwell

Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell launched a website, "James Dobson Does Not Speak For Me." , in response to recent attacks by Rev. James Dobson on Senator Barack Obama. Rev. Caldwell has already secured more than 10,000 signatures on this statement:

James Dobson doesn't speak for me.

He doesn't speak for me when he uses religion as a wedge to divide;

He doesn't speak for me when he speaks as the final arbiter on the meaning of the Bible;

...What does speak for me is David's psalm celebrating how good and pleasant it is when we come together in unity;

Micah speaks for me in reminding us that the Lord requires us to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with Him;

...These words speak for me. But when James Dobson attacks Barack Obama, James Dobson doesn't speak for me.

Rev. Caldwell recently officiated the wedding of first daughter Jenna Bush. He is also the leader of the largest Methodist congregation in the United States.

I applaud Caldwell for his quick response to Dobson's attack. There are enough citizens who are tired of this kind of politicking who can shut Dobson's personal attacks and prevent Obama's campaign from being distracted.