The Kick-off of the Obama-Clinton Unity Tour: Awkward but Necessary
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Foolishness in the Land of Mickey: Vandals Paint Anti-Obama Messages on City Vehicles

I guess this is a sign of what we'll deal with for the remainder of the presidential campaign. It seems that some 60 vehicles belonging to the City of Orlando were vandalized with spray paint. Some of the vehicles had anti-Obama messages painted on them even with racial epithets. The gas tank door was open on many of the vehicles but damage to the gas tanks was not reported.

It's interesting that more than a hundred business cards were left with messages critical of Barack Obama and John McCain but complimentary of Hillary Clinton. Some folks just really need to let it go. It's obvious that someone really has a bug up their butt about Barack Obama's candidacy.

I really hate to see Florida shown in such a negative light --- again --- but it is what it is. Since Barack Obama couldn't be beat based on his platform I guess someone's going for old-fashioned fear and intimidation of voters.

Now, it seems likely that the perpetrators should be caught. One would think there should be security measures in place to at least capture the vandals on camera. The vehicles were parked near City Hall.

There have been other incidents of vandalism of Obama's campaign headquarters; those incidents did not garner the media coverage of the Orlando incident.