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It’s Time for the Folks at FOX News to be Tested for Drugs

I missed the initial flap about the 'Obama's Baby Mama' graphic courtesy of the folks over at FOX so-called News. Surely the powers that be over there need to be subjected to random drug testing because they can come up with some shiggitty that defies logic.

That Linda Trotta woman somehow thought it okay to joke about an Obama assassination stirred up by Hillary Clinton; E.D. Hill referred to the Obamas affectionate fist pound as a 'terrorist fist jab'; and now the FOX News Channel referred to Michelle Obama as 'Obama's Baby Mama'. Somebody must be on crack at FOX. Who in their right mind could think that was cool?

Oh, no, don't get it twisted. The things that have been lobbed at the Obamas are shameful but the FOX folks have made funky comments about the Clintons also.

There are still four months left until the general election so the folks at FOX News will likely make more idiotic comments. Until then, force them to pee in a cup or give up some hair follicles and find out what kind of drugs they're on.