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Pundits Predict Obama Next President

Political pundits predict Barack Obama will be our next POTUS. Although John McCain has challenged Obama to a series of debates, McCain may be out-matched. The GOP will likely resort to personal attacks, smears and the failed kitchen sink tactics of Hillary Clinton.

Inarguably, Obama is intelligent and has demonstrated his ability to assemble a team of brilliant strategists. He has, thus far, remained cool and calm under tremendous pressure.

Also of note is the fact that Obama, himself, makes little mention of the race factor in this presidential race as opposed to the gender issue constantly mentioned by Hillary Clinton.

Obama has taken control of the DNC and made decision indicative of the kind of president he will be. No doubt the Republican Party is trying to figure out who will make the best VP and make sure that person is on the ticket.

It's hard to believe that the next four months will be as exciting as the previous 17 months but we shall see.