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Remembering Bobby Kennedy

Unfortunately, the recent remarks of Senator Hillary Clinton on the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy rehashed memories of a tragic time in the history of this nation. The Kennedys, like the Kings, were the closest thing to royalty in the United States.

Here is excellent coverage of that fateful day 40 years ago. For those who do remember, it may be nostalgic; for others it will be and introduction to a time much like we're experiencing now under the inspirational message of Senator Barack Obama.

Bobby Kennedy, 40 years later

LOS ANGELES (AFP) — Forty years ago, on June 5, 1968, Robert F. Kennedy was brimming with the confidence of a young, charismatic and liberal political star.

He had just won the California Democratic primary, giving him a strong chance to win the party's presidential nomination, rising out of the shadow of his brother John F. Kennedy, the president murdered less than five years before.

And in a split second, it was all over: a deranged Palestinian shot him dead in a Los Angeles hotel as he reveled in his victory.

The assassination of Bobby Kennedy plunged the United States into deep trauma.

It came in the wake of the devastating Tet offensive against US and South Vietnamese troops in Vietnam, which showed the US was not winning the war and forced then-president Lyndon Johnson, also a Democrat, to concede that he was too weak to seek the White House in that November's election.

And it followed by two months the April 4 assassination of civil rights leader Martin Luther King in Memphis, Tennessee, which sparked riots across the country. [Read more…]