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The Obama Public Financing Opt-out: What does it really mean?

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama's opt-out of campaign public financing should not be a surprise; and neither is the criticism of Obama's decision by presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain.

You know what? Senator Obama's political machine just keeps rolling along. It is mind-boggling that a Democrat has raised so much money during this campaign. Obama is on target to raising $500 million according to some pundits.

It would be asinine for Obama to volunteer to submit to the restrictions of public campaign finance laws while he continues to rake in contributions hand over fist. The Republican Party has to step up its game big time to match the amounts raised by Obama. As we near actual voting for the POTUS, Obama will need every cent he raises for advertising (print, radio, television and internet), to pay campaign staff and ancillary services.

Behind the history-making campaign of Barack Obama is political strategy team headed by David Axelrod that has forever changed campaigning for public office. Barack Obama may have flip-flopped on the public campaign finance issue but that will likely not have an impact on his campaign.