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Barack Obama Goes Global

I watched, in awe, as 200,000 people showed up in Berlin to see Senator Barack Obama speak. It was mind-blowing to see it on television; I can only imagine what it must have felt like to be in Barack Obama's shoes. Two hundred thousand people came to see this man speak and he is a candidate for president of the United States -- not the president.

I watched CNN and listened to some of the comments about Obama and his trip overseas. Senator Obama's confidence was painted as arrogance. He was accused of being presumptuous. No matter the media spin, the people came to see and hear him --- 200,000 of them.

Senator McCain cannot be a happy camper. He set this up and it was a bad move on his part. Just like Hillary Clinton, his tantrums and tactics only bolster Obama's candidacy. If McCain had not harangued Obama about a lack of foreign policy experience, he would likely have kept his campaign confined to the States and the images of Obama juxtaposed with leaders in other nations and Obama making that 3-point shot and Obama being treated like a rock star would not have infiltrated our psyche.

Obama said he gave his speech to the masses as a "citizen of the world." The McCain camp criticized Obama but Anderson Cooper reminded viewers that JFK and Reagan also used the term "citizen of the world."

Barack Obama looks, sounds and carries himself like a leader; that has been apparent since the presidential campaign started. Now it has been evidenced and witnessed by the world.

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