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From ‘Nuts’ to 'Niggers': How Low Can You Go, Rev. Jackson?

OK, what's next? As much as the Rev. Al Sharpton and other s try to water down this latest issue of the word, 'niggers', in Rev. Jesse Jackson's hot mic comments, this cannot and will not just go away.

Rev. Jackson has held himself up as the moral authority so this issue is more controversial than it would have been had the word been uttered by someone else. Rev. Jackson must just man up and deal with the fall out.

I don't know how long the Jackson apology tour is going to be or how many times he expects the public, especially black people, to forgive him. Now might be a good time for the Reverend to chill for a couple of months. His stock has dropped big time and he needs to hunker down until this blows over.

By the way, who's kidding whom? FOX News saved this revelation to secure maximum news coverage.